Frequently Asked Questions

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1) Applicant Subscription & Features FAQ
2) General Applicant FAQ
3) My Profile Resume FAQ
4) Job Poster/Employer FAQ (including Employer Subscription questions)


Premium Subscription and Features

What Do I Get With a Paid Account?

How does the Free Trial work?

How do I cancel my subscription before the end of my Free Trial?

What happens if I cancel my subscription DURING my Free Trial period?

What happens if I DON’T cancel my subscription before the end of my Free Trial?

Can I change to a DIFFERENT plan in the middle of a Free Trial that I’ve already started?

How long do subscriptions last? Can I change plans at anytime?

I already have a “Speed” Subscription. Can I upgrade to an “Action” Subscription?

Can I downgrade a “Speed” or “Action” Subscription at any time?

What are Premium Jobs?

What is a Power Boost?

Why Do “Action” plans only include 2 Power Boost per month?

How is my Rank determined?

What does the "Status" mean on the Jobs I've Applied To Page?

Why Can’t I See All of The "Archived Jobs I’ve Applied To" Anymore?

It Appears That Jobs are Missing from my "Jobs I’ve Applied To" Page. Why is that?

How Do I Change or Cancel My Subscription or Change My Billing Information

General FAQ

There is a job on Staff Me Up that I want to apply to, how do I do that?

I just applied to a job, but need to Edit My Application/Cover Letter, how do I do that?

How does the Mile Marker Job Filter work?

Hey! I Didn’t Get My Validation Email!

I Already Registered with Staff Me Up But I Lost My Password!

I need to Logout of my Account!

How can I control the email/privacy settings of my Profile?

Will My Profile Show Up in a Google Search?

What is the difference between "My Network" & "Power Lists"?

How Do I Get Notification of New Job Postings on Facebook and Twitter?

My Profile/Resume 

I'm having difficulty Selecting a Position Title when adding a credit to my profile.

How Do I Add a Cover Letter to my application?

How Do I Change the Position Under My Name on my Profile?

Why Do I Have To Enter My Credits One By One - Can I Upload My Resume?

What if I had a Staff Position, how do I enter that as a credit?

How Do I Edit My Contact Info, My Password, My Profile Picture, or My Personal Information?

My Profile Photo looks "Squished"!

Can I add more than one current location to my Profile?

Why should I set my Availability on my Profile?

How Do I Delete My Profile?

Job Poster/Employer FAQ


I'm Trying to Post a Job and Don't See the Position That I Want to Post For.

I'm Having Trouble Selecting a Position for My Job Post.

How Do I See Who Has Applied to My Job?

How Do I Edit a Job that I Posted?

My Job Poster Dashboard says I have more Applicants than I am seeing.

Do You Post Internships or Casting Notices?


Is posting jobs on Staff Me Up still free?

What’s the difference between POWER POSTER and COMPANY TEAM accounts?

How does the Free Trial work?

Is the trial really free?

How do I cancel my subscription before the end of my Free Trial?

What happens if I cancel my subscription DURING my Free Trial period?

What happens if I DON’T cancel my subscription before the end of my Free Trial?

How long do subscriptions last? Can I change plans at anytime?

I currently have a Freelancer SPEED or ACTION subscription and I want a POWER POSTER subscription, do I have to pay for both?

Can I have an POWER POSTER subscription AND be part of a Company Team?

If I cancel my POWER POSTER subscription, what happens to my Contact Lists?

I want the POWER POSTER subscription, but I ALSO apply to jobs. How does that work?

Can I downgrade my Subscription at any time?

Will Staff Me Up work on my smartphone so that I can use it on-the-go?

Will my data be private and safe?

I currently have a free account, how can I access the Contact Lists I previously built?

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