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As a storyteller, my passion is helping tell stories that are too large to capture from one angle. // DC | Maryland | Virginia // G&E and Camera Dept. Crew Member // @glennevis


3/17 – 3/17

Assistant Camera (2x Sony FS7s ) – Cort Furniture

Commercial/Ad — Go Jeff Go, Inc.
3/17 – 3/17
3/17 – 3/17

Camera Operator (MoVI Pro with RED Epic Dragon 6K) – Consumer Technology Association (HZDG)

Commercial/Ad — HZDG Details
3/17 – 3/17

MoVI Pro operating with Mimic controller for Director Andrew Fetchko and DP Nick Betancurt. Also included setup and operation of ReadyRig GS, Teredek Bolt Pro wireless, and Kowa Anamorphic lenses. Content made for CES 2017.

3/17 – 3/17

Assistant Camera (2x Sony FS7s) Mytonomy Healthcare

Corporate — CYM Media & Entertainment Details
3/17 – 3/17

Prep and maintenance of 2x Sony FS7 shoot for various studio-based talking heads, including green screen plates. DP: Scott Selman

3/17 – 3/17

Assistant Camera (ARRI Alexa Mini) Mud Tires

Virginia Men — Music Video — Lark Media Details
3/17 – 3/17

Camera prep and maintenance of Alexa Mini with Kowa lenses. Focus pulling on Arri SXU-1, wireless video from Bolt Pro 300 to Flanders video village. DP: Raul Serpas

3/17 – 3/17

Media Manager (Sony F5 and Sony FS7) – NBC Universal (Planet365)

Commercial/Ad — Braun Film and Video Details
3/17 – 3/17

Downloading on-set media for an NBC4 promo "Game Changer". Included rushed daily shuttle drives, as well as two on-set Master drives, with an additional RAID unit as offsite backup. Also included dailies review and minimal color work with DP Sheila Smith. 1st AC Alex Guckert

2/17 – 2/17

Director of Photography (Sony FS5 w/ Shogun Flame ) – BoatUS (Storylab )

Commercial/Ad — CYM Media & Entertainment Details
2/17 – 2/17

One-day shoot for new BoatUS app - directed by Justin Gutwein. Lighting package consisted of 12x12, 8x8, and 6x6 overheads as well as Aperture Lightstorm and LiteMat S1 panels. Shot utilizing mostly natural light on FS5 with Carl Zeiss Jena lenses.

2/17 – 2/17

First Assistant Camera (ARRI Alexa Mini) – The Potter's House (AD 2 DC)

Commercial/Ad — AD 2 DC Details
2/17 – 2/17

Camera prep, support, and focus pulling for Camera Operator Janice Min, Steadicam Op Chris Horne, and DP Jonny Meyer. Alexa Mini with Cooke Anamorphic /i set, ARRI WCU-4 wireless lens control, and Bolt 2000 wireless video. Also included rigging for a straight overhead shot with a Cartoni Lambda and Dana Dolly.

2/17 – 2/17

Assistant Camera (RED Epic Dragon, C300mk1 ) Oprah Presents: Master Class 5

OWN — Reality/Doc (TV) — @radical.media Details
2/17 – 2/17

Prep and maintenance of 2x C300Mk1 and 1x RED Epic Dragon for DP Bob Richardson, ASC for an Oprah piece on Congressman John Lewis.


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Class of '17

Abel Cine / Carl Zeiss AG

Cinema Lens Service - Level 2
Class of '17

Abel Cine / Carl Zeiss AG

Cinema Lens Service - Level 1

My Gear

  • 15" Macbook Pro Retina w/ ShotPut Pro and Resolve
  • 6x6 Butterfly Kit
  • 8x8 Butterfly Kit
  • Arri 300w Fresnel
  • Arri 650w Fresnel
  • Arri T2 2K Fresnel
  • Arri Tungsten Kit
  • Assistant Camera Bag
  • C-Stands
  • Dana Dolly Kit
  • Dedolight DLH-4 150w
  • ETC Source4 EDLT 750w
  • Kino Barfly 200 Pair
  • Litemat 18x23 Bicolour LED
  • Mole Richardson 1K
  • Sachtler FSB-8
  • Sekonic L-478DR
  • Sony FS7


  • Best Boy
  • Camera Assistant
  • Camera Operator
  • Director of Photography
  • Electrician
  • Gaffer