Producer for Cable TV, reality, doc and online. In field and out. Develop and write stories. Scout and book talent and locations. Handle all SAG, IATSE and clearances. Emmy-nominated, award-winning.


4/16 – 4/16

Talent Producer Single & Swiping

Fullscreen SVOD — Internet — Fullscreen Details
4/16 – 4/16

Kept in constant contact via text, phone and email with talent for online dating show aimed at millennial market from Fullscreen. Took timecode story notes in field, highlighting funny or surprising moments for EP.

1/16 – 2/16

Associate Producer First Love

Film (Theatrical) — First Love Feature LLC Details
1/16 – 2/16

Associate Producer for microbudget feature about a writer who tries to exploit his twin sister's success. Working within the constraints of a very tight budget and 11-day shooting schedule, liaised with FilmLA and Burbank to obtain permits for a wide variety of locations while avoiding need for monitors and keeping to one permit form. Helped facilitate shooting at the Ferris Wheel at Santa Monica Pier for a reduced rate. Aided in obtaining nonprofit status for the feature. Arranged for caterers and meals for 20+ cast and crew. Found parking and ran shuttles for more than 10 locations. Trouble shot and managed runs. Coordinated vendors and pick-up schedules. Helped producer manage crew and cast.

8/15 – 9/15

Associate Producer – AAMD

Commercial/Ad — Santa Monica CityTV Details
8/15 – 9/15

Associate Producer for public service announcement about macular degeneration. Coordinated crew and volunteers for location scout, production meetings and shoot. Created callsheets for preproduction events. Assigned P.A.s to appropriate departments. Created contact lists, obtained donations. Directed behind-the-scenes video shoot. Gave story and edit notes for 30-, 60-, and 180-second versions of PSA.

6/15 – 6/15

Assistant Director The Fashion of Life with ALAKAZIA

Internet Details
6/15 – 6/15

First Assistant Director for pilot sizzle reel, “The Fashion of Life with ALAKAZIA.” Created callsheet. Contacted cast and crew. Worked with celebrity host. Ran set.

5/05 – 6/15

Producer (Field Producer ) TDmonthly Magazine - online — Internet — TDmonthly Magazine - online Details
5/05 – 6/15

Built video department. Devise and shoot field packages across the country. Produced 4,000 videos. Develop, assign and write stories. Hire and manage local and remote video crews. Trained on-camera talent. Manage Release Forms and Deal Memos. Edit. Managed social media.

4/15 – 5/15

Associate Field Producer What If We Get Married? 1

TLC — Reality/Doc (TV) — Magical Elves Details
4/15 – 5/15

Quickly developed trusting relationships with cast members and their intimates in Texas. Collaborated with Field Producer to develop storylines. Questioned cast about their lives and upcoming events to create schedules and find venues. Took field notes during shoots, while arranging the next week's locations, events, clearances and schedules. Arranged out-of-town trade-outs for hotel, restaurants and sightseeing venues for traveling honeymoon field trip. Arranged trade-outs for wedding gown, photography and other wedding services. Worked closely with cast to keep abreast of life and event changes. Devised questions for debriefing interviews, based on understanding of characters' situations and dilemmas. Cleared locations, materials and appearances. Handled media reports. Conducted on-camera debriefing and on-the-fly interviews with cast members and their friends and family.

11/14 – 12/14

Associate Field Producer TakePart Live

PIVOT — Reality/Doc (TV) Details
11/14 – 12/14

Produced and story-produced back-to-back documentaries under tight deadlines, preproducing one segment while shooting and editing another. Found and cast local kids willing to be interviewed for free for a news show. Arranged and verified work permits. Hired studio teacher. Collaborated with Field Producer on storyline and structure. Shaped stories in post with Field Producer and Editor on Premiere and Avid. Worked with production designer to find rights-cleared school supplies to transform studio into temporary classroom. Researched and devised storyline contrasting smart drugs with natural brain-stimulating methods, such as meditation and nutrition. Used my social media contacts to find and book celebrity nutrition/nootropics expert Dave Asprey, CEO of The Bulletproof Executive. Worked with producing team to find and book neuroscientist Dr. Andrew Hill. Collaborated with Field Producer to develop storylines. Arranged shooting permits, booked locations and secured location agreements for all shoots. Obtained appearance and IP releases. Worked closely with legal team to ensure all rights clearances were in order. Created schedules, call sheets, legal clearance reports and petty-cash reports. Co-conceived and directed show’s final field piece, collaborating with Field Producer to give each segment a unique look. Field Pieces: These Kids Solved World Hunger, A Farmer’s Market Delivered to Your Door, and Supercharge Your Brain.

9/13 – 9/13

Second Assistant Director Playground Politix

Film (Short) — SpiceRack Production Inc. Details
9/13 – 9/13

Corralled minor talent, facilitated scheduling, handled SAG paperwork, Work Permits, Deal Memos and Release Forms.


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