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CURRENT RESUME at: http://shadowmihai.com/images/camera_shadow_apr_2014.pdf Camera Op/photographer Sony/Canon/Red/Panasonic, more. AC-Operator since 1995. shadowmihai.com/music_vidz for some samples. shadowmihai.com/photography & studiomenage.com.


1/95 – Current

Camera Operator (Epic / Dragon / EX1-3 / Canon / DSLRs / ENG / Arri 35&16mm, You name it.) See My PDF Resume - Direct Link!

Reality/Doc (TV) — Freelance Cam Op / AC - All Cameras - PDF Resume at http://shadowmihai.com/images/camera_shadow_ Details
1/95 – Current

Red Epic - Dragon / Sony EX and F3 and others / Canon cameras including DSLR / Panasonic XD cams; Focus Puller; Remote focus puller; AC / maintainance of cameras ; Still photographer BTS and on Set, see shadowmihai.com/photography for samples -


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