I am constantly study and explore new ways for improving my craft, via researching and reading books such as "Painting with Light" by Jon Alton ASC and "The Camera Assistant Manuel for Camera Assistants and Camera Operators" by David E. Elkins SOC.


9/15 – Current

Gaffer (Best Boy Grip/Best Boy Electric) – Light It Up LA

9/15 – Current

I am responsible for driving grip and lighting trucks to and from film sets. I am also responsible for working on the set as a gaffer, Best Boy Electric or Best Boy Grip. I also have to make sure that any of the grip and lighting equipment doesn't get lost or broken during the show.

5/15 – Current

Best Boy Grip (Best Boy Electric) – LA Grip

5/15 – Current

I am a best boy grip and (or) Best Boy Electric for the truck managers

5/15 – 5/15

Cinematographer "Bad Cash"

Film (Theatrical) — Quortex Films Details
5/15 – 5/15

I was responsible for lighting and shooting the film for the director.

4/15 – 4/15

Cinematographer "An Interrogation"

Film (Theatrical) — Hell Hath No Fury Films Details
4/15 – 4/15

I was responsible for lighting and shooting the film.

2/15 – 2/15

Cinematographer "Rebound"

Film (Theatrical) — Vest Films Details
2/15 – 2/15

I had to light and shoot the film for the director.

1/15 – 2/15

Grip Trippin With the Folks

Film (Theatrical) — New York Film Academy Details
1/15 – 2/15

I was responsible for helping light the scenes in the film.

4/14 – 4/14

Gaffer "Smoke Signals"

Film (Theatrical) — Mindclover Productions Details
4/14 – 4/14

I was responsible for lighting the film.

2/14 – 2/14

Grip "True Love"

Film (Theatrical) Details
2/14 – 2/14

I had to help the lighting team light the film.



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Class of '13

The Film School at Scottsdale Community Collegeq

Associated in Applied Science in Motion Pictures Degree

My Gear

  • 1 ton grip and lighting truck
  • 2 ton grip and lighting truck
  • 2x canon 7d with lenses and tripods
  • 3 ton grip and lighting truck
  • 5 ton grip and lighting truck
  • Red One with lenses and tripod


  • Apairus Company
  • Hotseat Media
  • Light It Up LA
  • Lucky 20 Pictures Productions
  • Mindclover Prodctions
  • Nova Ballet
  • Vest Films


  • I carry my tasks through to a successfull conclusion.
  • I have self discipline in my work.
  • I know how to apply my ideas and abstrations in my work.
  • I use my creativity and innovation to solve problems.
  • I work well as a team member. I quickly adapt to unexpected s