Experimental and proven-theory videography and production construction deduction. Can fix anything electronic that doesn't require some sort of clearance. Could get that but that's a lot of paperwork.


1/07 – Current

Field Technician Get A Grip

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1/07 – Current

On-call service technician suitable for fixing or rigging in-field at short notice. Either take on a complex device myself or with careful guidance from those who know better..(and knowing when to keep who that is to myself unless it becomes relevant)


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East Tennessee State University

Mass Communications, media production

My Gear

  • 14 720p fisheye cameras
  • Gyroscopic camera stabilizer (fabricated)
  • Microcontroller programming and electronics dev
  • Various stabilized mounts from basic tripod to "Doc Brown"


  • Diagnostic and field repair PC/Network
  • Experimental design
  • Linear editing and Adobe suite
  • Mad Science
  • Soldering
  • Videography
  • Wiring (low-voltage)