Dahlia, a Series Producer, based in New York, has 2 Series Producer credits and 2 Supervising Producer credits, and has been a member since 2015.


4/14 – 12/14

Series Producer 101 Sand N' Surf Hotspots

TRAVEL — Reality/Doc (TV) — Sharp Entertainment Details
4/14 – 12/14

Showrunner for two separate countdown series simultaneously. Oversee production of international shoots executed under tight budgets and deadlines, manage the creative and day-to-day of a large field and post production team, and liaise with network and outside vendors to create 5 one-hour episodes for each series.

10/13 – 4/14

Series Producer The Fabulous Life 7

VH1 — Reality/Doc (TV) — Sharp Entertainment Details
10/13 – 4/14

Supervised the reboot of one of Vh1's most popular series highlighting the luxurious, over-the-top lifestyles of celebrities. Responsible for a team of over 30 people from staffing to pre-production to post on 8 one-hour specials.

4/13 – 8/13

Supervising Producer Extreme Cheapskates 2

TLC — Reality/Doc (TV) — Sharp Entertainment Details
4/13 – 8/13

Overhauled the series to showcase through a more polished lens the lengths people go to save money. Reimagined casting, managed creative for all shoots, hired and supervised 15 people, and oversaw post for 8 half-hour episodes.

10/12 – 1/13

Supervising Producer My Crazy Obsession 2

TLC — Reality/Doc (TV) — Sharp Entertainment Details
10/12 – 1/13

Oversaw 8 half-hour reality TV episodes focused on people with collections that have taken over their lives. Led in all aspects of production from casting to shoots to post production.

1/11 – 6/12

Producer Extreme Couponing

TLC — Reality/Doc (TV) — Sharp Entertainment Details
1/11 – 6/12

Post produced ten half-hour reality TV episodes as well as three 60-minute specials highlighting extreme shoppers as they rely on coupons for unbelievable savings. Field produced on occasion.

9/10 – 12/10

Producer Martha Stewart Presents The Men Who Make Us Laugh

HALMRK — Reality/Doc (TV) — MSLO Productions, Inc. Details
9/10 – 12/10

Performed in-depth research, booked guests, prepped talent on set, and post produced 60-minute primetime interview specials featuring Martha Stewart and special guests.

5/10 – 8/10

Producer Vh1 News

VH1 — News (TV) — MTV Networks (Viacom) Details
5/10 – 8/10

Produced multiple movie, music, and celebrity news pieces per week for air and online. Performed sit-down interviews, directed on camera talent, and field produced on red carpets, at movie premieres, and awards shows.

12/09 – 4/10

Producer Famous Crime Scene 1

VH1 — Reality/Doc (TV) — VH1 Productions Details
12/09 – 4/10

One-hour show incorporating licensed footage, recreations, and original interviews with family and law enforcement to explore the murder of Marvin Gaye and the ensuing criminal investigation. Monitored overall show budget, performed research, booked and interviewed talent, wrote show scripts, and oversaw edit.


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Class of '03

Columbia University in the City of New York



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