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1/15 – 4/17

Manager of Development Various

Syndication — Reality/Doc (TV) — Litton Entertainment Details
1/15 – 4/17

Created educational television and digital content for prospective partners: museums, celebrity advocates, charitable organizations, and pro-social brands. + Wrote all creative materials for development projects - one sheets, summaries, decks, and sizzle scripts. + Created engaging and emotionally resonant stories that delivered each partner's message in a memorable way. + Produced visual creative elements for development projects - shooting and editing sizzle reels, screen tests, and sample segments. + Wrote, produced, and developed segments and stories for 8 Litton shows across 4 networks - ABC, CBS, NBC, CW. + Engaged in meetings with partners to gain the insight needed to produce concepts and ideas that aligned with partner goals. + Implemented a new order of operations between the Development and Sales Departments to maximize profit and growth potential. + Received 12 Emmy Awards as a part of Litton Development and Production.

11/13 – 12/14

Development Coordinator (Coordinator of Development and Production) Various

Syndication — Reality/Doc (TV) — Ampersand Media Details
11/13 – 12/14

Executed production planning for 6 network shows airing on ABC and CBS. + Created all development content for new potential series. + Responsible for all research and ideation as well as digital integration.

6/12 – 11/13

Executive Assistant (Branded Content Writer) American Dad & Family Guy

FOX — Scripted (TV) — Fox Television Studios Details
6/12 – 11/13

Assisted in the writing, animation, and production of over 40 episodes as conduit to the shows' head writer. + Wrote branded content, promotional materials, and DVD-extras for multiple seasons of Family Guy. + Participated in editing and script coverage.

5/07 – 5/12

Writer's Assistant (Development Assistant) – 20th Century Fox

5/07 – 5/12

Assisted in finalizing of pilot scripts. + Created presentation materials for development meetings, and coordinated meetings with high-level executives. + Aggregated research for potential development projects.


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University of Texas at Austin

Bachelor's Degree in Radio/Television/Film


  • Ableton Live
  • Avid
  • Entourage
  • Excel
  • Final Cut Pro
  • Final Draft
  • Outlook
  • PhotoShop
  • PowerPoint
  • Pro Tools
  • Word