Whether editing a spec-trailer or carrying water to thirsty actors, I work my ass off to accomplish the task. I'm a strong writer, a creative editor, and a kick-ass PA. I'm intelligent and low-maintenance and I get the job done. Hire me. Seriously.


9/15 – Current

Cinematographer Dave Does Disney 3

Internet — Scripted (TV)
9/15 – Current
6/17 – 6/17

Production Assistant Autonomous

Film (Short) — Donut Media Details
6/17 – 6/17

I served on lock-ups, helped set up crafty, performed trash sweeps, and went on runs when necessary.

5/17 – 6/17

Production Assistant Battle of the Network Stars

ABC — Reality/Doc (TV) Details
5/17 – 6/17

I drove the cargo van, as well as prepping the race track each morning. I served on lock-ups, helped set-up / break down pop-up tents, and cleaned the porta-potties when necessary.

5/17 – 5/17

Production Assistant Purple Ape

Sah Babii — Music Video — Vision Bank Films Details
5/17 – 5/17

I went on runs, served on lock-ups, performed trash sweeps, and gave people rides from the parking area to the set.

4/17 – 4/17

Director of Photography Christian Brothers 2

Internet — Scripted (TV) — LeviNLA Films
4/17 – 4/17
4/17 – 4/17

Production Assistant One Time

MIKExANGEL — Music Video — Glass Rock Entertainment Details
4/17 – 4/17

I served on lock-ups. I went on runs. I helped set up and breakdown equipment. And sometimes I served on playback.

4/17 – 4/17

Production Assistant El Bano

Enrique Inglesias — Music Video — AZ productions Details
4/17 – 4/17

I drove the production truck (which also doubled as the art truck). I assisted with miscellaneous set-building tasks. I also performed lock-ups and went on runs.

2/17 – 3/17

Production Assistant Glass Jaw

Film (Theatrical) — Thriller Pictures Details
2/17 – 3/17

I drove the Production Truck, set up and broke down crafty each day, assisted on lock-ups, did trash sweeps, went on runs, and many other miscellaneous tasks.


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Class of '11

University of Connecticut

Bachelor of Arts in Communications, with a Minor in Film Studies

My Gear

  • Basic Tripod
  • Canon 18-55mm Lens
  • Canon 55-300mm Lens
  • Canon EOS Rebel t5i


  • Adobe Premiere
  • Comedy
  • Directing
  • Drama
  • Driving
  • Production Assistant
  • Writing