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Producer/Editor (Preditor) who also writes and directs! Easy to work with and affordable! Can bring my own equipment if necessary. Non-Union.


2/15 – Current

Screenwriter ANDRIA

Film (Theatrical) — Drewsy Media, LLC Details
2/15 – Current

Screenwriter of the 2015 science fiction film ANDRIA. It's about the disaster that ensues when the U.S. gov't creates a security satellite to enforce order in the world. Film is raising funds and is slated for production in fall 2015.

12/14 – Current

Director (Screenwriter) Silent Room

Film (Theatrical) — American Terror Company Details
12/14 – Current

Writer/ director of the feature-length horror/crime film Silent Room. It's a wild, one-of-a-kind film where a troubled scientist traps an unwitting woman into the world's quietest room (which causes her to lose her mind due to sensory deprivation). I developed the concept, wrote the script, and directed the actors.

9/14 – Current

Screenwriter Maya

Lifetime Entertainment Television — Film (Theatrical) — Drewsy Media, LLC Details
9/14 – Current

Screenwriter of the feature-length screenplay Maya. This is a heartwarming urban drama about a single mother who finds her way to a better life through perseverance and faith. The script is currently circulating at Lifetime and NBC.

5/13 – Current

Videographer (Editor) Leonhardt Ventures

Corporate — Drewsy Media, LLC Details
5/13 – Current

Writer, Director, and Videographer for Leonhardt Ventures, a holding company in Los Angeles. Responsible for planning, writing, directing, and editing promotional videos for the various companies owned by Leonhardt Ventures. Very hands-on video work in which I'm involved in every aspect of production.

6/13 – 7/13

Executive Producer (Editor) Demons

Film (Theatrical) — American Terror Company Details
6/13 – 7/13

Oversaw production and financing of the 2013 feature-length Mystery film Demons. Made sure film was finished on time and under budget. Demons was recently sold into distribution and will be available worldwide on VOD.

4/12 – 5/12

Director (Screenwriter) Trapped

Film (Theatrical) — American Terror Company Details
4/12 – 5/12

Wrote and Directed the feature-length horror film Trapped. Sold into international distribution in 2013. Available around the world.

5/10 – 3/11

Director (Editor) Breadth of Hope

Film (Theatrical) — Drewsy Media, LLC Details
5/10 – 3/11

Breadth of Hope is an award-winning documentary feature film about three people living with ALS (Lou Gehrig's Disease). I filmed the subjects for six months and edited 50 hours of footage into an 80 minute film. The film won numerous national awards.



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Class of '09

University of Missouri - Columbia

BA in Journalism

My Gear

  • Adobe Premiere Pro CC Editing Software
  • Audiotechnica Microphones
  • Black Magic 4k Camera
  • Boom poles
  • Canon Lenses (Various)
  • Canon T2i DSLR Camera
  • Canon XHA1 Camcorder
  • Final Draft Screenwriting Software
  • Tripods
  • Zoom H4N Sound Recorder (X2)


  • crew
  • documentary
  • editing
  • sound operation
  • Video Production
  • writing