Ernest, a Preditor, based in Washington, has 2 Writer credits and 1 Producer credit, and has been a member since 2014.


4/17 – Current

Writer One America News

News (TV) Details
4/17 – Current

I am a writer got a 24 hour news network.

8/15 – Current

Producer (Editor ) Shots Fired: The Nash Baker Chronicles Pilot

YOUTUBE — Reality/Doc (TV) — A Million Hits TV Details
8/15 – Current

I am a Producer Editor for this Docuseries that follows a real life Night Crawler (Crime photographer) on the job in South LA.

3/15 – Current

Videographer (Editor) Trending with Camille Pilot

Sizzle Reel — Talk Show (TV) — Stargazer Entertainment Details
3/15 – Current

I shot and edited a segment and sizzle reel for the pilot of a new talk show.

4/15 – 8/15

Editor (FCPX) Guess Whose Cooking

Sizzle Reel — Reality/Doc (TV) — Stargazer Entertainment Details
4/15 – 8/15

I was one of the shooters . I also edited the sizzle.

1/09 – 1/15

Senior Field Producer (Editor, Field Producer) – Squinted Eye Productions/Ernchamp Productions

1/09 – 1/15

I am a Senior Field Producer and Editor for "A Complicated Affair" Obama and the Black Community.

11/13 – 1/14

Preditor (Field Producer, Coordinating Producer) Shake it Off Pilot

Sizzle Reel — Reality/Doc (TV) — Iconiq TV Details
11/13 – 1/14

I worked as a Coordinating Producer as well a Field Producer for the SHAKE IT OFF Pilot and Sizzle Reel.

8/10 – 3/12

Preditor (Video Editor, Writer) Knbc Channel 4 News

NBC — News (TV) — NBC News / KNBC Details
8/10 – 3/12

I worked as a news writer and video editor for daily newscasts.

4/08 – 7/08

Associate Producer (Booker, Writer, Producer) News and Notes

Talk Show (TV) — NPR Radio Details
4/08 – 7/08

I worked as a Vacation relief Associate Segment Producer, as well as booker for a daily NPR Radio show.


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Howard University

Broadcast Journalism

My Gear

  • Mac Book pro Final Cut pro x and 7


  • BlackMagic Cinema Camera
  • Final Cut Pro Studio and Final Cut Pro X proficient.