I know my way around Las Vegas very well. I love being on set. I like working long hours, even on a short shoot. Always prepared and ready to go! call anytime! I know Spanish and can travel worldwide.


6/17 – 8/17

Assistant Camera (F800) The Ultimate Fighter 24

SPIKE — Reality/Doc (TV) — Pilgrim Studios Details
6/17 – 8/17

Build, prep and maintain camera. Setup remote odyssey recording stations for our coach cams and control these cameras via Ronin. Help troubleshoot wireless microwave errors or issues with the rack and assist our Tech supervisor in building and breaking down our control room.

6/17 – 6/17

Assistant Camera (C300) Untitled Herzog Pilot

Reality/Doc (TV) Details
6/17 – 6/17

Build, prep and maintain C300 camera, lens swaps, sticks, slate and manage media for the day. Also build, prep and maintain producer cam A7S with a PIX E7 setup.

5/17 – 5/17

Assistant Camera (F5) Untitled Pilot Pilot

Reality/Doc (TV) — Pilgrim Details
5/17 – 5/17

Build and set up F5, manage and label media, slate and create logs for the footage being captured.

5/17 – 5/17

Assistant Camera (FS7) Grave Secrets

Internet — Red Marble Media Details
5/17 – 5/17

Help build and maintain FS7 camera, typical lens swaps, slating and media managing. Setup directors monitor and assist G&E when needed.

7/16 – 7/16

Assistant Camera (C300) – us senator (MAP)

Commercial/Ad — MAP Details
7/16 – 7/16

Build and maintain C300, slate, log footage and label media. Assist DP/OP in anything else.

4/16 – 4/16

Camera Operator (Canon C300, Sony A7S) NADA

Internet — Live / Special Event (TV) — NADA Video Details
4/16 – 4/16

Operate C300 and sony A7S to capture interviews and b-roll of the convention.

4/16 – 4/16

Assistant Camera (RED Weapon) 2016 Mint 400

NBC — Sports (TV) — Mad Media Details
4/16 – 4/16

Build and Clean camera in desert in the middle of an active race car course. Carry all necessary tools including tripod and camera package/waters to the middle of the desert. Label and have a record of media being delivered to the DIT tent.

1/16 – 3/16

Assistant Camera (F800) The Ultimate Fighter 23

FOXSPORTS — Reality/Doc (TV) — Pilgrim Studios Details
1/16 – 3/16

Build and maintain F800 camera, label and log media. Assist Tech supervisor with any troubleshooting. Assist in changing our lights from day to night settings.



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Class of '15

Sanford Brown

BFA Cinema Production

My Gear

  • Glidecam HD2000
  • Odyssey 7Q+
  • Odyssey 7q+ kits
  • Sigma 70-200mm 2.8
  • Sony a7s


  • Adobe Suite
  • Microsoft Office Suite
  • Physical Network Security
  • Spanish
  • White Hat
  • WinOS