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I am a hard worker, a team player, and fun guy to be around. I have no doubt my professionalism and positive attitude will be a great asset to any camera or G & E department.


3/17 – 3/17

AC (Data Manager) Samsung

Corporate — Verus Productions Details
3/17 – 3/17

Helped load in and stage camera equipment. Built B-camera (Sony Fs7), set up battery charging station, changed lenses, set-up monitor, and performed other usual duties of AC. Was also in charge of data managing for all media.

3/17 – 3/17

Grip – Method Soap

Commercial/Ad — Little Moving Pictures Details
3/17 – 3/17

Helped load in and stage lighting equipment. Built and set lights and power for each scene. Spotted movi-op on various moving shots. Helped break down and load out at end of shoot.

3/17 – 3/17

AC/Grip/Cam Op Achieve More

Corporate Details
3/17 – 3/17

Helped stage all camera and lighting gear. Built and set lights. Changed lenses, set up battery charging station, grabbed b-roll during and between speaker sessions, broke down camera gear and lighting equipment at the end of day.

2/17 – 2/17

AC/Grip Swing Google

Internet — Flies Collective Details
2/17 – 2/17

Helped unload and pack lighting gear and equipment. Set up lights for various scenes. Staged gear at each location. Changed lenses, set-up tripods, etc.

2/17 – 2/17

Grip Inches Apart

Jeni Magana — Music Video — FinerFilms Details
2/17 – 2/17

Loaded in lighting and gear to first location. Set-up staging area. Helped set up lights and flags for each scene. Spotted on various steadicam and dolly shots. Operated lights on specific shots. Loaded out lighting and gear end of day.

1/17 – 2/17

Camera Operator (Digitech) The North Face (Stills)

Corporate Details
1/17 – 2/17

Work with a Canon Mk III. Also check color calibration, Check Strobes are firing, Load new folder, manage photo files, filter images, take pictures of product, work with stylist on form of clothing, work with models and other photographers.

1/17 – 1/17

Key Grip OncLive

Internet Details
1/17 – 1/17

Helped set lights and build green screen for talking head discussion. Also helped wrap stage at end of the shoot.

1/17 – 1/17

Second Assistant Camera (Arri Amira) Tough

Film (Short) Details
1/17 – 1/17

In charge of slating, data managing, marking actors, changing lenses, changing batteries, changing filters, staging gear, organizing run bag, and other usual 2nd AC duties.


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Class of '02


B.A. Theater


  • SAG/Aftra


  • administrative paperwork
  • Being In charge of Petty Cash
  • cast and crew runs
  • casting assistant
  • Crowd Control During Filming
  • Driving Standard
  • Driving Vans
  • Extra Wrangling
  • Following Directions
  • Heavy Lifting
  • Hotel Scouting
  • lunch and dinner orders
  • Multi-Tasking
  • Organization
  • Paperwork
  • Positive Attitude
  • Problem Solver
  • running casting calls
  • setting up craft services
  • Team Player
  • Telephone Receptionist
  • Writing