naurene, a Wardrobe assistant, based in Houston, has 1 Wardrobe Assist credit and 1 Set Production Assistant credit, and has been a member since 2014.


8/14 – 8/14

Wardrobe Assist – AV1 Productions

8/14 – 8/14

helping to buy costume items mending and altering items packing and unpacking costumes and accessories cleaning, steaming and ironing helping to put costumes together fitting costumes onto performers making sure that all items are available when needed keeping continuity notes, so that performers look the same in each scene

7/14 – 7/14

Set Production Assistant Dive in Deck

Film (Short) Details
7/14 – 7/14

Production meetings; copying and distributing scripts; organizing travel arrangements for cast/crew production executives. Organizing accommodation for cast and crew, at times running errands in between departments. Keeping track of timings during the programs, setting up pre-recorded material in the studio gallery; making schedules, shot lists, other paperwork for post-production.


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