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I am a dedicated hardworking courteous and professional PA who loves working in film/photography. Takes initiative, detail-oriented, clean and organized, great communicator, great multi-tasker.


11/14 – 11/14

Set Dresser Foolhardy

Film (Short) Details
11/14 – 11/14

Building and painting walls for freestanding hospital room. picking up and dropping off props, from prop house. designing the set on location and dressing the set. Watching for continuity throughout each take. In charge of weapon props. Greeking various products. Designating PA's to tasks.

10/14 – 10/14

Production Assistant (2nd Ad) cry no more

Ai Oe — Music Video — Succinct Productions Details
10/14 – 10/14

Made sure shoot was running on time. Communication between director and other departments. Packing and unpacking Cube. setting up crafty. designating walkies. setting up wardrobe. Featured Extra. Helped Art department with props, set dress, and particle machine. Helped grips move lights, equipment and wrap. Ran music playback Assisted camera department

10/14 – 10/14

Grip (camera assistant) – Ironman

Commercial/Ad Details
10/14 – 10/14

Setting up Jib. Setting up lights and running power: 300, 750, 1k, kino flo's. changing lens' on camera. Setting up tripod with slider.

10/14 – 10/14

Grip High Five

DJ Fox Stevenson — Music Video — TJR Films Details
10/14 – 10/14

Creating LED squares featured throughout video. Setting up background strobe LED's. Setting up M18 light, 1.2k's, and kino flo's. Running power to balllasts. Making many moves around the house in a timely and efficient manner. Grip truck responsibility: making sure equipment made it to set, and back to rental house.

10/14 – 10/14

Set Dresser Griots Lament 1

YouTube/Vimeo — Internet — FYI Films Details
10/14 – 10/14

Ensuring that props were in their proper place each take for continuity. Making sure that props were on hand for talent. Creating props that suited the needs of specific scenes.

10/14 – 10/14

Production Assistant – Herba Life (Anthem)

Commercial/Ad — The Key Artist Agency Details
10/14 – 10/14

Wrangling Talent Getting parking paid for Talent and getting them to set Getting Talent into Wardrobe to be ready for upcoming scenes Designating Walkies Setting up home base: crafty tables, chairs for talent, Lunch tables etc... Going on runs

9/14 – 9/14

Production Assistant Right to Fight Society

Film (Short) — UFO Productions Details
9/14 – 9/14

Going on runs for lunch, and crafty. Helping Art department dress set. Helping G&E run power, and lights.

9/14 – 9/14

Key Set Production Assistant Project LC

Film (Short) — Duroo Productions, Inc. Details
9/14 – 9/14

Driving production equipment to set Set Dressing Recording Audio Setting up Crafty Assisting all Crew Driving to get Crew lunches Cleaning up sets before leaving and ensuring that everything is back where it belongs


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  • Detail Oriented
  • Effective Communicator
  • Excellent organization and time management skills
  • Good with leading groups
  • Great Driver
  • Hardworking and Attentive
  • Sense of Urgency