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My career began as a young dreamer and storyteller. I indoctrinated myself to become a writer. In due time, earning with merit, each of my responsibilities grew. With conscientious effort, I have a film completed and an upcoming book to be released.


5/13 – 6/13

Production Assistant (Assist Director) Elaina's Dream

Film (Short) Details
5/13 – 6/13

Assist Director with scouting locations. Planned out shot list Assisted with cast and crew

1/12 – 1/12

Production Assistant (Organize actors) Beautiful

Film (Short) Details
1/12 – 1/12

Organize Script Arrange crew materials Assist director w/shot list

8/11 – 8/11

Director (Makeup, writer, Director, gorilla filmmaking, ) Path of Will

Film (Theatrical) Details
8/11 – 8/11

Writer of Path of Will As head Filmmaker, execute shot list. Plan out scenes and takes Organize scenes and takes according to Script and Storyboard. Make use of tools that were readily available-gorilla filmmaking! I took on the responsibility of makeup and wardrobe. I provided the Craft Services.

9/10 – 10/10

Assistant Director (Hired as PA, however due to my ability to multitask and oversee many aspects of) The Last Supper

Film (Theatrical) — Aaron Holly&Cathy Wang Details
9/10 – 10/10

Oversee SAG paperwork Fill in SAG paperwork Keep watch on continuity of each scene, take. Keep eye on extras and cast Kept watch as Script Supervisor

1/10 – 1/10

Extras Casting The Restaurant

Film (Short) — Kyle Klubal Details
1/10 – 1/10

Production Extra

9/09 – 9/09

Extras Casting The Rehearsal

Film (Theatrical) — Kyle Klubal Details
9/09 – 9/09

Production Extra


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  • Assistant Director
  • Converse easily
  • craft Services
  • Director
  • disciplined
  • Effective multitasker
  • filmmaker
  • fluent in Spanish
  • Go getter personality with action
  • Organized
  • Production Assistant
  • Resourceful
  • Rise to the occasion
  • Take direction well
  • tenacious
  • work well with others
  • writer