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Experienced comedy writer and producer who always gets it right the first tim.


3/17 – 3/17

Producer Parental Control 1

MTV — Reality/Doc (TV) — 51 Minds Entertainment
3/17 – 3/17
9/16 – 10/16

Writer (Writer/Producer) Tyler Posey Live Pilot

MTV — Talk Show (TV) — 3 Arts Entertainment
9/16 – 10/16
3/16 – 8/16

Producer (Writer/Producer) The Runner 1

go90 — Reality/Doc (TV) — Pilgrim Studios Details
3/16 – 8/16

To bring this incredibly ambitious digital competition reality series to life, efforts include: writing scores of original and creative “riddles” that successfully establish an exciting and intelligent show voice; creating game rules and crafting an original format that lends itself to a digital network.

1/16 – 4/16

Writer The Edge and Christian Show 1

Scripted (TV) — WWE Network Details
1/16 – 4/16

Writing on this new sketch comedy show included everything from commercial parodies of pop-culture trends to sketches that “take a closer look” at the art (i.e., the absolute absurdity) of professional wrestling.

1/16 – 1/16

Writer Cliptomaniac Pilot

CW — Scripted (TV) — FishBowl Worldwide Media Details
1/16 – 1/16

The writing on this show, designed to appeal to an audience raised on YouTube, was highly comedic and always fell on the side of the absurd. Including: viral video “recreation” sketches; viral clip commentary, digital manipulation of clips to make them even funnier.

12/15 – 12/15

Consulting Producer (Lead) The Soup - Finale

E! — Talk Show (TV) — E! Entertainment Television Details
12/15 – 12/15

Successfully spearheaded the production efforts of the series finale of this long-running, highly popular program by carefully distilling eleven years of clips, sketches, jokes, celebrity guests and scores of other unforgettable moments into a fitting, hilarious and memorable 44 minutes.

7/15 – 9/15

Writer The Comment Section 1

E! — Scripted (TV) — Wilshire Studios/NBC Universal Details
7/15 – 9/15

This smart late night comedy explored the week's biggest stories in pop-culture through the lens of absurd Internet comments. Writing entailed: spinning headlines into opinionated narrative arcs via Internet comments; signature host rants presenting contrarian viewpoints on popular issues & figures; celebrity guest interviews centered on their experiences with public comments.

6/15 – 6/15

Producer Shark Week Sharktacular

DISCOVERY — Reality/Doc (TV) — Pilgrim Studios Details
6/15 – 6/15

In addition to writing the host copy for this comedic and informative show (which ultimately served as the flagship program of Shark Week 2015), I ran point on finding and vetting outrageous/funny/must-see shark clips; produced man-on-the-street games and interviews; oversaw expert panel “reaction” shoots.


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Class of '06

San Diego State University

Bachelor of Science in Television, Film and New Media Production


  • Adobe Audition
  • Avid Media Composer
  • Final Cut
  • Final Draft
  • Microsoft Excel
  • Microsoft Word