Rich, a Classroom Coordinator, based in Burbank, has 1 Stage Manager credit, and has been a member since 2015.


6/05 – Current

Classroom Coordinator – Video Symphony

6/05 – Current

Academic Coordinator/Scheduler Ÿ Responsible for scheduling all classes for the Pro Tools, New Media, Motion Graphics and Television & Film Programs. This totaled twenty classrooms over two different campuses. Ÿ In charge of scheduling our staff instructors, as well as, dozens of freelance instructors for every class. Ÿ On call in case of a cancellation from an instructor, and had to either find an alternate instructor, or reschedule the class and notify every student by phone and email of the changes. Rescheduling one class often led to rescheduling multiple classes at a time, due to the instructors schedules, as well as, the students schedules and the classroom availability. This requires extreme attention to detail and total organizational skills. Ÿ Created all new classes and entered all of the class information into the schoolʼs vast database. This included all course descriptions, syllabi, class handouts, dates and times for the classes, and all of the students. Ÿ Created class folders for every class, which I would give to the instructors. These included the class rosters and course curricula. Ÿ Collected the class rosters daily, and entered the student attendance into the database. Ÿ Assisted the Student Service Department in tracking academic progress. Ÿ Worked closely with the Admissions Department by tracking the number of enrollments in each individual class, as well as, Cohorts of Program Students in each cohort of our four different programs. Ÿ Responsible for working with the Tech Department to make sure that each classroom was set up with the necessary programs and technology needed for every class. Ÿ Οrdered all of the necessary textbooks and materials for every class from multiple vendors. Ÿ In contact with every employee of every Department of the school, and managed the supply inventory for the entire company. Ÿ Opened campus daily.

4/98 – 6/03

Stage Manager – Raleigh Studios

4/98 – 6/03

Stage Manager Ÿ As a Stage Manager, for an independent Studio, worked hand in hand with every Department on the Production of the Movie, TV Show, Commercial or Music Video that was being filmed on my Stage. Assisted the Production, Grip & Electrical Departments. Ÿ Responsible for supplying all equipment needed on the set. Worked with the Gaffer and Best Boy Electric to ensure that every piece of Electrical equipment that they needed was either supplied from the on-lot rental house or ordered from an outside vendor. Did the same with the Key Grip and Best Boy Grip to ensure that all necessary Grip equipment was there. Pulled all of the equipment and delivered it to the Stage before the Crew showed up. All of this equipment was also entered into our database, and Billed the Production Company accordingly. Ÿ For Production, made sure that when they first arrived to the stages that they rented, they were clean, empty of all previous equipment, and provided with anything they may have requested in advance, such as tables and chairs, forklifts, dumpsters, work lights, etc… Ÿ During the lighting and filming of the Productions, worked the same hours as the crew, and was the liaison between the Studio and the Production Company that rented the Stage. Supplied anything that may be needed, such as, more Grip or Electrical equipment, dressing rooms, empty Stages for the crew to eat, parking spaces, etc… Ÿ After the shoot was wrapped, I was responsible to make sure that the Stage was cleaned, all equipment was returned, nothing had been broken, and it was ready for a new Production to take over, often the next day. Ÿ Calculated the power of all of the lights being used on set, and billed the hourly Electric cost.


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Class of '08

Video Symphony



  • After Effects
  • Avid
  • Avid Media Composer
  • Commercials
  • DVD Studio Pro
  • Editing
  • Entertainment
  • Film
  • Final Cut Pro
  • Final Cut Studio
  • Illustrator
  • Maya
  • Motion Graphics
  • Music Videos
  • Photoshop
  • Post Production
  • Premiere
  • Pro Tools
  • Reality
  • Sound
  • Sound Design
  • Television
  • Video Production