1O years as Camera Operator/ Producer credits. 5 years hard earned A.C and addition Shooting work. Trained by the Survivor camera crew. Then, Out of the Wild, Celebrity Apprentice, WWE, and now Shooting/Producing an outdoor show. HIGHLY motivated.


8/15 – 11/15

Camera Operator (c300, 5D, xf305) Alaska The Last Frontier 5

DISCOVERY — Reality/Doc (TV) — Discovery Studios Details
8/15 – 11/15

Camera Operator

6/15 – 8/15

Camera Operator (FS700 w/ Odyssey) Fender Guitar Interviews

Reality/Doc (TV) — Fender Guitars Details
6/15 – 8/15

Set up camera, lighting. Shoot with 4 cameras. 3 on sticks one hand held.

7/15 – 7/15

Camera Operator (C 300) Details
7/15 – 7/15

Main Camera Operator and acting DP for a Comic-Con shoot sponsored by Call of Duty and x-box.

6/15 – 6/15

Camera Operator (Sony FS700 w/ Odyssey )

Fender Details
6/15 – 6/15

Shooting 240 FPS for Fender Guitars. Filming the New Politics band performing at a music festival. Run and gun style.

8/14 – 6/15

Producer/Shooter (5D, Cannon XF 350, Red Camera, GoPro, DJI Phantom 3 Professional (4k) Gol) The Hollywood Hunter 5

Reality/Doc (TV) — Drawing Pictures Details
8/14 – 6/15

Three seasons now am the DP. Hiring and training camera ops organizing camera gear. As the producer my note taking and coverage of scenes (usually alone) demand high concentration and I rely heavily on my training from the Survivor type shows to get this accomplished in the field.

8/13 – 3/14

Producer/Shooter (Cannon 5D, XF 350, Red, GoPro, Racked up) The Hollywood Hunter 4

SPORTSMAN — Reality/Doc (TV) — Drawing Pictures Details
8/13 – 3/14

Main Camera Operator, Field Producer, Assistant Camera Operator, Actor

6/12 – 6/13

Producer/Shooter (Cannon 5D, XF 350, Red, GoPro, Racked up, Countor, 5D.) The Hollywood Hunter 3

SPORTSMAN — Reality/Doc (TV) — Drawing Pictures Details
6/12 – 6/13

Hollywood Hunter is a reality TV show about making a hunting show.Showcasing the world of big game hunting through the eyes of a professional camera Thunder Pants! My character's name.The season just went to post and now Im applying for local work.

2/13 – 3/13

Camera Operator (Additional Shooter, C300, F5, F55) Pawn In the Game 1

Reality/Doc (TV) — TNT Productions Details
2/13 – 3/13

Assistant Camera, Specialty Camera, Data Wrangler


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Class of '09


Bachelor of Arts with a Major in Film and Media Studies
Class of '09

UCSB- Pi Kappa Alpha

Social Chair and Media/Promotional Chair
Class of '03


Associated Degree in Marine Biology

My Gear

  • 5D
  • Editing software
  • GoPro Black
  • Mac Book Pro
  • Plenty of outdoor gear
  • xf350


  • Emmy Award Winner
  • Hollywood Hunter
  • Pi Kappa Alpha
  • SEG


  • Currently under construction.
  • Reel being updated
  • Reel submitted is latest producer/camera work