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Experienced story producer with a strong comedic sense and a knack for gaining the trust of cast members - whether they be celebrities, contestants, guest talent, or even tiny little babies. Very strong interviewing and writing skills.


3/17 – Current

Producer Parental Control 1

MTV — Reality/Doc (TV) — 51 Minds Entertainment
3/17 – Current
11/16 – 1/17

Story Producer Brother Husbands Pilot

TLC — Reality/Doc (TV) — 5x5 Media Details
11/16 – 1/17

Crafting story; Interviewing cast members; producing/directing scenes; AVID string-outs; byte searches; addressing network notes

9/16 – 11/16

Contestant Producer Divided 1

GSN — Game Show (TV) — Talpa Media USA Details
9/16 – 11/16

Managing contestants; Prepping contestants for show/pre-interviewing; explaining show rules and concept to contestants; stacking/scheduling episodes; (on-cam) interviewing contestants before and after game

6/16 – 7/16

Story Producer The Hangover Games Pilot

MTV — Reality/Doc (TV) — Magical Elves Details
6/16 – 7/16

Interviewed and directed hosts and cast members; created string outs on Avid; related notes to editors

3/16 – 5/16

Field Producer The Almost Impossible Game Show 1

MTV — Game Show (TV) — Left Hook Media Details
3/16 – 5/16

Ran/directed satellite crew; Interviewed contestants before, during, and after challenges; assisted casting with stacking episodes based on personality types of the contestants; formulated character sketches for contestants based on interview findings

4/15 – 8/15

Contestant Producer Separation Anxiety 1

TBS — Game Show (TV) — 5x5 Media, Inc. Details
4/15 – 8/15

Interviewed all contestants to determine personality traits, strengths, weaknesses, habits, heartstrings, goals, underwear size, etc. Acted as primary liaison between all contestants and producing team while maintaining the ruse and surprise nature of the show’s format (every single contestant was completely bamboozled). Presented story and gag ideas based on interview findings to the writers. Worked with prizing department to determine appropriate bonus rewards for contestants. Explained the “new rules” of the game and produced contestants once the giant ruse was revealed.

6/14 – 10/14

Story Producer King Of The Nerds 3

TBS — Reality/Doc (TV) — 5x5 Media, Inc. Details
6/14 – 10/14

Interviewed contestants regarding each day’s reality, gleaning their thoughts on strategies, alliances, etc. Created comedic bits and gags for interview sessions, often riffing on pop culture themes ranging anywhere from “King Kong” to “The Godfather”. Created and disseminated detailed “hot sheets” describing the storylines and key interview bytes from each day’s shoots to the producing team and network. Created story ideas for editing team - paper cuts, string-outs on Avid, bytes, etc.

3/14 – 4/14

Producer Bet On Your Baby 2

ABC — Reality/Doc (TV) — 5x5 Media, Inc. Details
3/14 – 4/14

Herded extremely adorable, lively (sometimes ornery) babies in an onscreen play environment to produce cute bits, shots and packages to be used during the game show. Interviewed each of the parents about their baby’s particular personalities, habits, hobbies, skills, dreams, ambitions, pooping tendencies, etc. Handled product placement shots and bits with the babies. The lively, active (sometimes ornery) babies.


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Class of '99

The University of Georgia



  • Entertainment
  • interviewing
  • Music
  • New Media
  • Production
  • Reality
  • Social Media
  • story
  • Television
  • Video Production