I am a jack of all trades in the theater and film. I am known for my outrageous costume and prop designs. Have costumed hundreds of actors, extras etc. and been responsible for continuity between scenes. I am your go to girl.


6/14 – 9/14

Costume Designer (Prop designer and fabricator) Spamalot- Live event

Award (TV) — Circle Theatre/ Grand Rapids Details
6/14 – 9/14

Created all the outrageous helmets for Spamalot. Production won Best Costume and Best Musical for Grand Awards Grand Rapids MI 2014

2/14 – 7/14

Costume Designer (Costume fabrication) Tales of Beatrix Potter/ Ballet

Live / Special Event (TV) — West Michigan Youth Ballet & Connecticut Ballet Co. Details
2/14 – 7/14

Created the 28 character headpieces. Design and fabrication, carved from foam, and handpainted for the ballet dancers. Delivery and coaching of dancers on use of headpieces and provided custom fittings on site.

8/13 – 10/13

Costume Designer (Costume Fabricator) Celebration Cinema Flick's Birthday Bash/Family Film festival

Live / Special Event (TV) Details
8/13 – 10/13

Designed and built additions to 6 popcorn mascots according to the advertising department of Celebration Cinema Michigan. Short deadline 3 weeks to completion.

5/13 – 7/13

Special Effects Make Up Artist (Choreographer, Costume designer, ) Shrek The Musical

Live / Special Event (TV) — Forest Hills High School Summerstock Details
5/13 – 7/13

Special Effects make up for the Shrek's. Latex and makeup. Dragon Choreographer and rebuild the internal workings for the dragon rented from the Muny. I was responsible for all emergent repairs on the dragon as it took a beating during the production. As well as emergent sewing repairs for costumes.

10/12 – 12/12

Assistant Costume Designer (Seamstress, Choreographer, special effects, flight harness seamstress) Christmas Carol the musical

Live / Special Event (TV) — Grand Rapids Civic Theater Details
10/12 – 12/12

Designed build costumes, Harness adjustments as needed. Flight actress experience, I flew 30 shows, major flight scenes with travelers and spinners. Wardrobe lead for emergent repairs during productions, on the spot repairs.Maintenance of costumes, laundry, costume presets. Build all worn in the chest, and headless ghost costumes.

11/12 – 11/12

Costume Designer (Private contractor) Seven Stones

Film (Theatrical) Details
11/12 – 11/12

Emergently created a duplicate of a live rabbit to play a dead rabbit for the movie. 3 days turn around including meetings. The previous creator did not work out.....I was called in post production for a reshoot.

3/12 – 4/12

Costume Designer (Seamstress, wardrobe, ) Flat Stanley

Live / Special Event (TV) — Grand Rapids Civic Theater Details
3/12 – 4/12

Designed and built the Flat Stanley Costumes, 5 in total. Worked with movement of the actor wearing and dancing in the costume for movement on stage and safety.

7/11 – 8/11

Wardrobe Assist (Wardrobe emergencies) Touchbackfeature Film

Film (Theatrical) — Grand Rapids MI Details
7/11 – 8/11

I was responsible for fitting all the extras for the Marching Band Sequence for the football scenes. I was also the go to person for attachment of all the logo patches during filming.From the Coaches, cheerleader, to the band. I was a problem solver for wardrobe.


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Class of '83

University of Chicago

MA in Clinical Social Work
Class of '81

Trinity University

BA Sociology/Philosophy

My Gear

  • Cordless drills
  • Digital camera
  • Emergency repair kits
  • Foam carving knife
  • hand tools
  • other power tools
  • scroll saw
  • Serger
  • Sewing Machine


  • Costume design and fabrication. Foam carving
  • Foam carving
  • Production assistant
  • Seamstress
  • Set Building
  • Set dressing
  • Wardrobe maintainance