Lyle, a Production Manager, based in New York, has 7 Production Manager credits and 1 Production Assistant credit, and has been a member since 2014.


2/16 – 4/16

Production Manager Where the White Man Runs Away

Film (Theatrical) — BCDF PICTURES, Hungry Man Productions, Kalahari Film & Media,Head Gear Films Details
2/16 – 4/16

I was essentially the on set PA, but with a fancier title. I was in charge of daily operations, like escorting Mr. Pacino to set and making sure Melanie Griffith and Evan Peters knew when to be in makeup. Generally, my job was to make sure on set everything was running smoothly with as little chaos as possible. If filming hadn't moved to South Africa I would still be with this film as it was one of the best experiences I've ever had, professionally speaking. Mr. Pacino has become a friend and a mentor and watching him craft a character was truly awe inspiring.

5/15 – 2/16

Production Manager Elementary 4

CBS — Scripted (TV) — CBS Eye Productions
5/15 – 2/16
5/15 – 5/15

Production Manager Small Town Flavor Pilot

FOOD — Reality/Doc (TV) — Fly on the Wall Details
5/15 – 5/15

I assisted Rachel Ray and the executives who were on set while we were filming, making sure that Rachel was kept hidden (part of the show was a big surprise reveal of her with a 10K check, helping struggling waiters) until the reveal, and was in charge of keeping a very open dialogue between the producers, the network executives, Ms. Ray's people (such as her publicist, agent, and her talk shows producer) and the people on set, like the director and crew. Again, as a manager I find that if you are a person who can handle twenty tasks thrown at u in two seconds with 4 minutes to complete them all, then being a PM is ideal. I love when I get to work reality shows as a PM. I feel that they are always the most interesting jobs I have!

9/14 – 1/15

Production Manager Royal Pains 7

USA — Scripted (TV) — The Firm Details
9/14 – 1/15

I was in charge of all of the other PA's and also the interns that came to work on the series. I delegated tasks, assessed their skills as well as their strengths and their weaknesses, sometimes had to fire some other PA's ( I find that a lot of PA's are kids who have never worked a day in their lives and who aren't trying to learn how when they get there, which is infuriating for me because I've been a PA and other small jobs and worked my tail off to get where I am today). Mostly, I kept everyone in order, on track, and made sure they only helped make the production better then ever.

5/14 – 9/14

Production Assistant (Production Assistant) Believe 1

NBC — Scripted (TV) — APWI Details
5/14 – 9/14

The usual PA duties (handling paper work, dealing with talent, walking talent to and from set, generally just being the boss's second set of hands and being always 'on', for lack of a better term.

3/14 – 6/14

Production Manager The Leftovers 1

HBO — Scripted (TV) — Warner Brothers Television Details
3/14 – 6/14

As a wardrobe department PA, I found that I was often used to life heavy things if most of the woman couldn't. As a PA, you can end up being on three different shows in one week. I worked on this show 3 days a week mostly, and then alternated with a few other productions throughout my time shooting "The Leftovers". I was also very much involved in setting up dressing rooms, mostly when we were shooting on location, as well as returning clothes, driving through manhattan in a production vehicle box truck to bring clothes all over the tri-state area, and helping the actors get dressed, especially when filming in the freezing cold NY state winters.

3/14 – 4/14

Production Manager Dangerous Liasons 1

ABC — Scripted (TV) — ABC Details
3/14 – 4/14

It was a rather short shoot, but I was mainly in charge of tending to Katie Holmes and making sure there weren't paparazzi sneaking onto set to take photos of her child. I also did normal PM stuff, such as making sure everything in general, was going smoothly, tending to anyone who needed something or help, and getting to work with Pat Field (even though I wasn't in wardrobe, she's still iconic and I couldn't help but feel starstruck standing next to her in the room she dressed SJP for SATC)

1/14 – 3/14

Set Production Assistant Babylon Fields 1

CBS — Scripted (TV) — 20th Century Fox Details
1/14 – 3/14

I was a production assistant. I spent my days speaking with very well known executives from NBC and other influential members of the television industry while making sure that whatever was needed of me, was taken care of. I specifically was to tend to Meagan Goode, and was in charge of making sure she was never late to set, knew her lines, etc. I also spent a large amount of time on the computer, organizing and creating lists, updating calendars, ordering supplies, basically your typical administrative tasks that one would encounter while working on a film or television project. I was in a sense, the UPM's assistant towards the end of the shoot.


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Class of '12

University of California Los Angeles (UCLA)

Graduated with a BA in Film and Television Studies
Class of '08

Drexel University

Pursued a BA Fashion Design and Merchandising (Transferred)

My Gear

  • 2 Apple Macbooks
  • Honda Civic (Here in New York City in a Garage)
  • Ipad
  • wardrobe kit


  • Administrative Duties
  • Adobe Photoshop as well as the entire Adobe Creative Suite
  • Copywriting
  • Driving
  • Film Editing
  • Proficient on both Mac and PC
  • Sewing
  • Shopping
  • Special relationship with many designers and stores in the city
  • Styling
  • Video and Photography