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Emmy & Telly Award winning DP living and working in the greater Minneapolis area. Working on many different types of projects that include documentaries, TV shows, commercials, and pro sports videos. Arri Amira & C100 Owner/Operator - Delta Platinum


11/16 – 11/16

Director of Photography (Arri Amira) – Minnesota Vikings Football, LLC

Commercial/Ad — Elite Edge Productions Details
11/16 – 11/16

Shot a promotion piece with Stefon Diggs WR for the Minnesota Vikings for his Pro Bowl campaign. Day 1 we shot with 2 kid actors to replicate Stefon training to get to where he is today and showing the work he put in. Day 2 we shot with Stefon for 90mins in 3 different locations. Shot with Uncoated Zeiss Super Speeds and Glimmer Glass 1/2 & 1 to give us a warm flair look that felt nostalgic.

11/16 – 11/16

Director of Photography (Arri Amira) – Urban Undercover (Intent MN)

Commercial/Ad — sureCAN productions Details
11/16 – 11/16

Shot a commercial spot for Urban Undercover a up and coming women's lingerie company. Shot at two locations for a full day replicating hot natural light sun on a cloudy Nov. day in Minnesota. Shot with the Leica Summicron-C Primes and a 1/4 Hollywood Black Magic to give it a soft and bloomy feel to the final image.

10/16 – 10/16

Director of Photography (Arri Amira) – Von Maur

Commercial/Ad — Mojave Pictures Details
10/16 – 10/16

Shot for two days in Austin, TX with 5 actors around cool state parks with actors hiking around in Under Armor and Nike active wear. Shoot all at 4k 60fps with Zeiss Un-coated Super Speed Primes

9/16 – 9/16

Director of Photography (ARRI Amira - Cooke S4is) – Hippo Sak Trash Bags (Martin Williams)

Commercial/Ad — sureCAN productions Details
9/16 – 9/16

Shot a series of :30 and :15 spots with young kids trash talking other trash bags.

8/16 – 8/16

Director of Photography (Arri Amira) – Syngenta (Martin Williams)

Commercial/Ad — sureCAN productions Details
8/16 – 8/16

Sunset Golden hour shoot on a farm in Minnesota. Small but very solid crew. Using all available light. Using 8x8 Ultra Bounces, 12x12 Half soft frost and a handful of boards to light our scenes. Closeup were shot on sticks and our wide establishing and end title shot on 18' Jimmy Jib with sweet sunset flairs. 25mm Leica Summilux C

6/16 – 8/16

Director of Photography (Sony PXW-X400) Inside Training Camp

NFL — Sports (TV) — Steven Van Osdale Inc Details
6/16 – 8/16

Setup and shoot live hits with NFL Network corespondents at Minnesota Vikings Training Camp, cover all home football games and do special features for NFL Network

7/16 – 7/16

Director of Photography (Fs7) – Pepcid 100 Course Meal (J. Walter Thompson)

Commercial/Ad — sureCAN productions Details
7/16 – 7/16

Organized 6 Fs7 camera setups in a small restaurant in New Orleans that covered this 100 Course Meal as a live to tape event. 2 - Wireless Handhelds - 1 Jib - 1 Sticks Camera with Long lens - 2 - Overhead lockoff cameras. Shot for 10hrs while rolling in the cameras and feeding back to a Tricaster for a rough line cut.

7/16 – 7/16

Director of Photography (Arri Amira - Fs7) – Minnesota Gopher Football

Commercial/Ad — Elite Edge Productions Details
7/16 – 7/16

4th year in a row shooting the Minnesota Gopher Football Intro Video. Shot in a cross-fit gym with players working out in a smoke filled environment also shot night time at TCF Bank Stadium.



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Bernie Sawyer
Marcus' adaptability, creativity, and experience as a DP & camera operator along with his vast knowledge of the film industry make him the ideal candidate for being Director of Photography on any type of project. I always enjoy working with Marcus & ...MORE...


Bethany Lutheran College

Film & TV Production/Business Majors

My Gear

  • 1×1 LED FLOLight
  • 2 x 400 Diva Kino Flos
  • 2 x Lectrosonics SMV Transmitters
  • 2 x SANKEN 11D Mics
  • 3 x Matthews C Stands
  • 4 x Hollywood Double Riser – Aluminum Combo with Rocky Mountai
  • Arri Amira
  • Canon 17-120mm Cinema Servo Zoom Lens
  • Canon 24-70mm
  • Canon C100
  • Kessler Cine Slider with elektraDRIVE Motor Bundle
  • Lectrosonic SR Dual-Channel Slot Mount Receiver
  • Matthews 2-Riser Rolling Combo Stands
  • Matthews 3-Riser Rolling Combo Stands
  • Matthews Boom Arm
  • Sachtler DV15 Sticks
  • Sennheiser ME66/K6 Combo
  • Small HD AC7 Monitor


  • Cinematography
  • Composition
  • Documentaries
  • Interviews
  • Lighting
  • Narrative
  • Reality TV
  • Sports
  • Travel