I was a paperboy, a lawn mower, a boy scout, and now in LA, a filmmaker with out-of-the-box, creative thinking in video editing, producing, directing, writing. Let's make something special together.


5/15 – 5/15

Editor (Adobe Premiere) Disney Webisodes Pilot

YOUTUBE — Internet — Edelman Productions Details
5/15 – 5/15

Sync'd and edited several episodes of a Disney webisode series showcased on youtube.

4/15 – 4/15

Editor (Adobe Premiere) Lita Show Pilot

Sizzle Reel — Reality/Doc (TV) — Duality Film Works Details
4/15 – 4/15

Edited together and worked with talented producers on a unique show sizzle reel for potential production.

1/15 – 4/15

Editor (Adobe Premiere) Several Reality Projects Pilot

Reality/Doc (TV) — MixTape Pictures Details
1/15 – 4/15

Worked with producers to put together pilot episodes for reality shows as well as sizzle reals for clients.

11/14 – 11/14

Editor (FCP) Backyard Makeover Pilot

FOX — Reality/Doc (TV) — Eyeworks USA Details
11/14 – 11/14

Created casting videos of families for upcoming show while working with several talented casting producers to showcase the families yards and personalities.

3/14 – 10/14

Editor (Adobe Premiere) – Infidea Studios

Commercial/Ad — Infidea Studios Details
3/14 – 10/14

Responsible for delivering many projects to clients as part of a talented team of professionals. Clients include: Four Seasons Hotel, Larry Ellison, Nikita Restaurant, Cross Creek Garden, and Skydance Studio

5/13 – 5/13

Preditor (FCP) AquaRigg Water Commercials

Youtube Channel — Internet — AquaRigg Details
5/13 – 5/13

Wrote, produced, directed, and edited 4 water filtration commercials for client.

3/13 – 3/13

Director Recalculating

Film (Short) — Chispa Productions LLC Details
3/13 – 3/13

Made the short film shot in Downtown LA about a tech-addicted man's turn-by-turn adventure to find love who learns that sometimes love needs directions. Virgin Airlines picked it up for in-flight screening.

8/11 – 10/11

Editor (FCP) Badass 1

PLAYBOY — Reality/Doc (TV) — Playboy TV Details
8/11 – 10/11

Edited videos for the show “Badass” that aired on the Playboy channel.


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Class of '01

Miami International University of Art & Design

Bachelor's Degree in Film

My Gear

  • Cannon T4i
  • GoPro
  • GoPro Hero 4
  • Zoom h4n


  • Camera
  • Director
  • Editor
  • Producer
  • Sound
  • Writing