Jordan, a Screenwriter, Script Supervisor,, based in Whittier, has 4 Script Supervisor credits and 1 Screenwriter credit, and has been a member since 2015.


8/12 – 8/12

Script Supervisor Huzzah! An Epic, Role-Playing Comedy

Internet — MyShow Productions Details
8/12 – 8/12

Adhering to expected script supervising responsibilities amidst a two weekend shoot that saw one of our two Directors get sick and miss out on the first weekend. I was also asked to jump into a few scenes as a background/stunt extra for a few scenes. Hectic, but somehow fun.

6/11 – 6/11

Script Supervisor Steps

Film (Short) — theCollaborate Details
6/11 – 6/11

Keeping physical records of each shot & organizing in story order, color coordinating script with reels used for each scene, compiling a script supervising that is organized enough to allow editor to utilize as a time-saving tool during post-production.

4/11 – 5/11

Script Supervisor The Mansfield Memoirs

Film (Short) — Lone Falcon Film Production Details
4/11 – 5/11

Maintaining visual continuity throughout production, feeding actors lines when needed, color coordinating script to match reels with scenes from script, etc.

10/10 – 1/11

Script Supervisor Spacechild

Film (Short) — Biola Films Details
10/10 – 1/11

Recording each VFX and live-action shot and rearranging their respective record sheets in script order, maintaining visual continuity throughout entire production, color coordinating my copy of script to correlate with reel used for each scene, making sure all said info was passed on to post-production crew in an organized manner.

10/07 – 11/07

Screenwriter Indecision

Film (Short) — Biola Films Details
10/07 – 11/07

Writing a short script that fit the criteria set by the professor of the class: less than seven pages, little or no dialogue, and very much visual-driven story.



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Class of '11

Biola University

BA/Film Production


  • Editing
  • Film
  • Film Production
  • Final Cut Pro
  • Screenwriting