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A comedy writer, punner, and video editor in Brooklyn, New York.


2/12 – Current

Assistant Editor (Avid) Skyscraper Live With Nik Wallenda, Fatal Encounters, True Crime With Aphrodite Jones, Deadline C

NBC — Reality/Doc (TV) — NBC Peacock Productions Details
2/12 – Current

Ingested footage (CF, SD, tape), completed stringouts, cut internhttp://staffmeup.com/profile/rekhashankar#ational content and cold opens, prepped for online process at Postworks, prepared exports

5/11 – Current

Editor (FCP/Premiere) Rekha Shankar's Youtube Channel (Comedy)

YOUTUBE — Internet Details
5/11 – Current

Writing and editing comedic sketches. www.youtube.com/penguinsandfiber

10/14 – 11/14

Assistant Editor (Avid) Language Matters

PBS — Reality/Doc (TV) — David Grubin Films Details
10/14 – 11/14

prepared domestic and international masters (texted/untexted), DVD masters, and promo masters for delivery to PBS, timed cuts, exported cuts to PBS

10/14 – 11/14

Assistant Editor (Avid) Tiger Tiger

Reality/Doc (TV) — White Mountain Films Details
10/14 – 11/14

Ingested archival, replaced archival, prepared sequences for composer, split audio tracks, created exports

6/14 – 8/14

Assistant Editor (Avid, FCP) America by the Numbers with Maria Hinojosa

PBS — Reality/Doc (TV) — Futuro Media Group
6/14 – 8/14
6/14 – 6/14

Assistant Editor (Avid) OJ Simpson: Trial of the Century

INVESTIGATION DISCOVERY — Reality/Doc (TV) — Every Hill Films Details
6/14 – 6/14

created stringouts, prepared screeners and exports, created DVDs

7/12 – 4/14

Editor (FCP) Ladypoints 1

Internet — Reality/Doc (TV) Details
7/12 – 4/14

Edited and designed graphics for the docu-series, Ladypoints (acclaimed by Bushwick Daily).

12/11 – 1/12

Assistant Editor Stories From the Road to Freedom

HISTORY — Reality/Doc (TV) — New Animal Productions
12/11 – 1/12


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Class of '11

New York University

Film and Television Production

The Upright Citizens Brigade Theatre

Studying improvisational and sketch comedy

My Gear

  • Canon 60D
  • H4N Zoom
  • RODE boom pole
  • shotgun mic
  • wireless lavaliers
  • XLR


  • The Upright Citizens Brigade Theatre


  • Assistant Editing
  • Comedy Editing
  • Comedy Writing
  • Editing
  • Sketch Writing