Passionate, Cooperative, Resourceful, Positive Minded with leadership training, good reasoning and a Passport. Well Rounded Freelance DP, Camera, & Gimbal Operator for Documentary, Reality TV, Commercial, Narrative. On a mission to create Conscious Media!


1/17 – 1/17

First Assistant Camera (Multiple Locations - 2 Cameras) The Re-United Report with Jay Williams

Internet — Cycle Media (247 Laundry Service) Details
1/17 – 1/17

Prepping and Maintaining Camera Department. We had 2 C300 Mark II's shooting 4k. Skeleton Crew of 7 People. I was the only AC. Made sure that DP & Cam Op were all set and good to go. I also assisted with rigging lights occasionally as needed. Run and Gun Doc Style show with celebrity Jay Williams. We had a great day of filming.

12/16 – 12/16

Camera Operator (RED EPIC -W 8K Helium Sensor Cinema Camera / Cinema Lenses) – Kindri Cosmetics

Commercial/Ad — Barrett Nicol Productions Details
12/16 – 12/16

Collaborated with Director/DP to achieve his vision. I operated the new RED EPIC-W Helium 8K Cinema Camera. We filmed in the outskirts of LA in the Dessert near Vasquez Rocks. We worked with human and animal talent. Mostly handheld camera work. I also got various landscape shots for the Director.

12/16 – 12/16

Director of Photography (RED EPIC-W 8K Helium Sensor with Cinema Prime Lenses ) Caleb Collins Creative Dance Video

Vimeo/Facebook — Internet — Pranayama Productions Details
12/16 – 12/16

I was the DP Cinematographer and Camera Operator utilizing the new RED EPIC-W 8K Helium Sensor Cinema Camera. We shot mostly in SLOMOTION and all Handheld. I worked with director to help him achieve his vision. I came up with shots and a style that the director loved. This was a creative style dancing video shot in slomotion. Filmed in: Los Angeles California. Camera: RED EPIC-W Cinema Camera 8K Helium Senosr Lenses: Xeen Cinema Prime Lens Kit Slo Motion 95.92 Frame Per Second

12/16 – 12/16

Director of Photography (NEW RED EPIC-W 8K Helium Sensor ) Missing Me

David Wilchcombe — Music Video — Pranayama Productions Details
12/16 – 12/16

Came up with entire shot list, and chose locations. I worked with all natural light and reflection sources only to keep a real natural feel which goes for the story of the video and song. I was a Director/DP. Filmed in Los Angeles. Filmed on the brand new RED EPIC-W 8K Helium Sensor Cinema Camera. Mostly shot in Handheld Configuration with some sticks.

12/16 – 12/16

Director of Photography (Black Magic Cinema Camera) – Garage Door

Commercial/Ad — Hamil Bros Productions Details
12/16 – 12/16

2 Day Commercial Shoot. I was responsible for being 1st AC working with multiple Black Magic Cameras. I ensured Camera Department was always organized and prepped. This was a skeleton crew so I also helped in the G&E department rigging lights and supporting the DP and Director.

12/16 – 12/16

Director of Photography (Multiple Canon 5DMkiii ) – Zylo Wear Glasses (Americas Best )

Commercial/Ad — Andrew Young Photography Details
12/16 – 12/16

Filmed with Name Celebrity Talent Jenny McCarthy. I was in charge of Camera Department over seeing Multiple Cameras 5 total, a minimum of 3 in use at once. We had 2 Video Village monitors for client and ad agency. I also was the Gimbal Operator for the handful of Gimbal shots we needed. I collaborated with Director to get the highest possible quality working with the time and resources permitted then I gave direction my camera operators. We were an efficient team and impressed clients and talent. We were able to actually wrap early and got to wrap the main talent early as we were ahead of the schedule.

12/16 – 12/16

Director of Photography (Sony A6300 with Xeen Cinema Lenses) – Meditative Fitness

Commercial/Ad — Pranayama Productions Details
12/16 – 12/16

Narrative Cinematic Style Commercial. I was responsible for lighting each scene and shot to have a cinematic look. I used a fog hazer machine and efficient lighting package including lite panels led Astra's to quickly achieve nice lighting and cinematic look on a fast paced shoot. Collaborated with Director to come up with shots. Utilized Slider, Sticks, and Handheld.

12/16 – 12/16

Director of Photography (Canon C100 with Xeen Cinema Lenses on Gimbal) – Joriki Yoga Clothing (Joriki )

Commercial/Ad — Pranayama Productions Details
12/16 – 12/16

Filming Promotional Content for a Yoga Clothing Company with professional models on various Los Angeles California Beaches. Shot on Canon Cinema Camera C100 with Xeen Cinema Lenses and the Ronin Gimbal.


  • 2015 Reel

  • Dynamic Chicago


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Class of '14

Can TV Studios

Certification for TV Broadcasting/TV Studio Broadcasting - Direc
Class of '13

College of Metaphysics

Applied Metaphysics in Self Development/Concentration, Meditatio
Class of '09

NorthLake College

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