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Passionate, Cooperative, Resourceful, Positive Minded with leadership training, good reasoning and a Passport. Well Rounded Freelance DP, Camera, & Gimbal Operator for Documentary, Reality TV, Commercial, Narrative. On a mission to create Conscious Media!


3/17 – 8/17

Director of Photography (RED Epic-W Helium 8k Sensor) RIVERSIDE - Documentary

NETFLIX — Reality/Doc (TV) — Denton Film Company Details
3/17 – 8/17

This project is a cinematic style documentary. I came up with the look and feel for the visuals, I lit the interviews and speicific b-roll shots, and came up with creative shots to tell the story visually. I incorporated creative slo-motion shots, gimbal shots, and nature shots. We were immersed in nature nearly off the grid. Filming in a cabin, in the woods, and along side and in a river. Canoes, fishing, music, nature, cooking and food shots, driving shots, etc where all apart of the doc.

3/17 – 3/17

Cinematographer (RED Camera Kit, Night Interiors, Skelton crew) Thinline Filmfestival Opener

Film (Short) — Denton Film Company Details
3/17 – 3/17

Lighting and Shooting the video with Skelton Crew. Coming up with creative shot angles. Operated the RED EPIC-W on the Ronin Gimbal with Zeiss Lenses. This video is to open up the Denton Thinline Film Festival.

3/17 – 3/17

Cinematographer (RED Dragon 6K x4) The Roots and Freinds - SXSW - Austin Texas

Live Event — Live Nation Details
3/17 – 3/17

Operating RED Dragon for concert with "The Roots" and various other musicians for "The Roots & Friends" show in Austin Texas at the SXSW (South By South West). We had 4 RED cameras and a C300mkii. In audition to the live concert we also filmed a exclusive behind the scenes hangout/interview session with The Roots for Live Nation. I also prepped all camera gear the day before and day of in addition to operating. I operated a slider during interview/hangout sessions, and during the live show I was on the long lens getting the creative tracking shots and close up shots.

2/17 – 2/17

Director of Photography (Magic Hour/Long Take/Movi Pro/RED Dragon 6K) – Joriki

Commercial/Ad Details
2/17 – 2/17

Planning a 4 minute long take shot for a commercial. I had to design the lighting, and prepare camera movement. I scouted location with my Gaffer and gave him the lighting plan/vision ahead of time. We had a 20 minute window in magic hour to land this 4 minute choreographed long shot that involved the actors doing dance and singing. This was a marketing piece for a yoga clothing / fashion company that believes in giving back.

2/17 – 2/17

Director of Photography (RED 8K EPIC -W ) – TCU (CinemaStoryProductions)

Commercial/Ad — Cinemastory Productions Details
2/17 – 2/17

Planning Shots, Picking Out Gear, and Lighting great looking shots for a non smoking campus commercial video for TCU. (University in Ft. Worth Texas) Shot on RED EPIC-W the new Helium 8K Camera.

2/17 – 2/17

Cinematographer (RED 8k Epic-W on Gimbal ) Lady Gaga Documentary

Film (Theatrical) — Live Nation Details
2/17 – 2/17

Operating RED Epic-W on Ronin gimbal. Scoping out and filming artsy creative and slomo cinematic looking shots for feature doc. Filmed at the 2017 Houston Texas Super Bowl.

1/17 – 1/17

First Assistant Camera (Multiple Locations - 2 Cameras) The Re-United Report with Jay Williams

Internet — Cycle Media (247 Laundry Service) Details
1/17 – 1/17

Prepping and Maintaining Camera Department. We had 2 C300 Mark II's shooting 4k. Skeleton Crew of 7 People. I was the only AC. Made sure that DP & Cam Op were all set and good to go. I also assisted with rigging lights occasionally as needed. Run and Gun Doc Style show with celebrity Jay Williams. We had a great day of filming.

12/16 – 12/16

Camera Operator (RED EPIC -W 8K Helium Sensor Cinema Camera / Cinema Lenses) – Kindri Cosmetics

Commercial/Ad — Barrett Nicol Productions Details
12/16 – 12/16

Collaborated with Director/DP to achieve his vision. I operated the new RED EPIC-W Helium 8K Cinema Camera. We filmed in the outskirts of LA in the Dessert near Vasquez Rocks. We worked with human and animal talent. Mostly handheld camera work. I also got various landscape shots for the Director.


  • "Better Days" - Short Film

  • Scott Hilburn 2016 Cinematography/DP Reel


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Class of '13

College of Metaphysics

Applied Metaphysics, Visualization, Leadership, Positivity

My Gear

  • AC Kit
  • Camera Accessories
  • Camera Support
  • Gels
  • Grip Gear
  • Led Ice Light
  • Light Meter
  • Ronin Gimbal Systems


  • Cinematographer
  • Cinematography
  • commercial
  • compassionate
  • creative
  • Director of Photography
  • documentary
  • DOP
  • DP
  • endurance
  • feature
  • Gimbal Operator
  • grip truck
  • hardworking
  • immursive
  • invested
  • kind
  • Large Crews
  • leader
  • leadership
  • led lighting
  • long shots
  • long take
  • long takes
  • metaphysical
  • music video
  • narrative
  • Natural Light
  • passionate
  • positive attitude
  • pre production
  • RED Camera Operator
  • Ronin Gimbal Operator
  • Ronin Gimbal Technician
  • Run & Gun
  • Run and Gun
  • short
  • shot designs
  • shot list
  • Slo Motion
  • Small crews
  • spiritual
  • Visual Story telling
  • Visual Story Telling