Naomi Smith is a photographer & photo assistant working in the greater Atlanta area. She is born & raise in Atlanta. Earned her BFA in Photography in 2013. Being social, creative, and open to learn new information is necessary in her field.


8/14 – 8/14

Production Assistant Eidé Magazine

Internet — Alex Martinez Photography Details
8/14 – 8/14

-Helping on set with the Editor an photographer quickly and efficiently -moved set gear and photo accessories to next location for shooting -Became familiar with the call sheet and all the names -tidy the set through the shoot, made sure nothing is left behind

8/14 – 8/14

Production Assistant The Real Housewives Of Atlanta

Internet — Alex Martinez Photography Details
8/14 – 8/14

-Helping on set with whatever needed to get done quickly and efficiently -Ordered and picked up lunch -Became familiar with the call sheet and all the names -made sure drinks and snacks were stocked -tidy the set through the shoot

7/14 – 7/14

Production Assistant Bayer

Internet — David Stuart Photography Details
7/14 – 7/14

Macon, GA -Being the right hand person to the photographer -moving equipment from one place to the next

5/14 – 5/14

Production Assistant Pat Molnar

Internet — Stephen Ostrander Details
5/14 – 5/14

-helping photo assistants with setting up and breaking down of equipment -distributing production paperwork and information -help to co-ordinate the talent and to minor perform crowd control duties

4/14 – 4/14

Production Assistant (Fernando Decillis) Fertilization Company

Internet — Amanda Bertany Productions Details
4/14 – 4/14

-helping to keep the set clean and tidy -arranging lunch, snacks, & any beverage

4/14 – 4/14

Production Assistant Deliverance

Von Grey — Music Video — Bobby K Russell Photography Details
4/14 – 4/14

-ran errand and bought extra hard drives -ordered lunch for everyone on set -pay attention to the equipment to not get damaged by the rain -distributing production information

4/14 – 4/14

Production Associate Aramark

Internet — Tango Charlie Productions Details
4/14 – 4/14

Six day shoot in Clemson and Atlanta -distributing production paperwork and information -returning all props to the correct stores. -helping to keep the set clean and tidy -helping the food stylist with ingredients and items -help to co-ordinate the extras, and to perform crowd control duties


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Class of '13

Art Institute of Atlanta



  • APA
  • Atlanta Photography Group
  • Atlanta Photography Guild


  • 1x1Lite Panels
  • Adobe Bridge
  • Adobe Lightroom
  • Adobe Photoshop
  • Arri Frensal lighting
  • basic office management
  • broncolor
  • Canon 5D Mark III
  • Capture One Pro 7
  • Color Meter
  • Continuous Light Setup
  • Data entry
  • elinchrom
  • flexible
  • Mamiya
  • Medium Format Camera
  • Phase One
  • Pocket Wizard Transceiver
  • profoto
  • Sekonic Incident and Spot Light Meter
  • spreedotron
  • strong problem solving abilities
  • Studio strobes
  • Tethered workflow
  • Title Shift Lens