What Will Your Call Time Be Tomorrow?

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Figuring out your call time can be anyone's guessing game, and here at Staff Me Up headquarters we LOVE guessing games - so we thought we'd take a stab at figuring out what your call time will be tomorrow. After you take the quiz, let us know if we were right in the comments below! 
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I highly recommend trying Staff Me Up for your freelance employment endeavors."
Ken Paulakovich got hired on SMU as a Sound Mixer for Megalomedia.
"Staff Me Up definitely helps to keep my schedule full. It is well worth the subscription price. So if you want a great return on your investment sign up today. They provide the leads, you apply ... you get gigs."
Scott Miller got hired on SMU as an Assistant Camera for Fly on the Wall.
"Landed a great, full day rate AC gig on a RE series sizzle reel. SMU pays for itself multiple times over every shoot!!"