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Podcasts We Can't Wait For You To Hear

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So we asked our community to tell us what their favorite podcasts were for the TV & Film Industry.  And we had an amazing response. Some self-promoted (we are an industry of doers, so of course some of you have your own good stuff) and some pointed us towards some amazing gems. We wanted to highlight our favorites to you, and give you some of the strongest episodes out of the gate. Get reading and listening, our final list is below!

​Early Call Time

Film Industry - Call Time is 7 AM

iTunes description: Early Call Time features Andrew, JJ, and Nadav discussing the many careers in the entertainment industry. Guests include actors, writers, editors, directors, camera assistants, and anyone who has an epic story to tell about their career in the business. Early Call Time hopes to inspire filmmakers crazy enough to make the big move to Los Angeles, as well as the crazy ones that have already arrived.

​Where to start: 
Director - Rosemary Rodriguez
Showrunner - Nick Santora PT 1
Foley Artist - Gregg Barbanell​


Super Hungry


iTunes description: Created and hosted by Virginia Anzengruber, Super Hungry the Podcast features hilarious, intimate conversations with real, working artists you should know about. They’re hustling hard, making it work, and still super hungry for their art.

Where to start:

In episode 12 of Super Hungry the Podcast, I sit down with comedian Brad Wenzel, fresh from his TV debut on Conan O'Brien. We talk about how he did his first stand-up set at 17, that time he got in a car wreck with Brian Posehn in the passenger seat, and how he bounces back from sets that aren't so great. ​

In episode 7 I sit down with 2 of the stars of AMC's Halt and Catch Fire, August Emerson and Joshua Hoover, to talk about child acting, the theater of Taylor Swift, and the brotherhood of The Mutiny. We also discuss the upcoming holiday and the definitive Halloween classic, Hocus Pocus.

In episode 9 I chat with one of the stars of ABC Family's Kevin From Work, and my friend and old colleague, the HILARIOUS Jason Rogel. We talk about that time he had to motorboat Amy Sedaris on camera, the disappointment of his mother that he's "not as skinny as Neil Patrick Harris," and what Aziz Ansari got right about first-generation Americans with immigrant parents on Netflix' Master of None. Also -- his 25 Days of Christmas triumph, Mistletones.  

Filmmaking Stuff


iTunes description: Podcast for filmmakers and modern movie makers seeking new ways to write, produce, market and sell independent movies.

Where to start:

Extra Shot


iTunes description: Paul Ream and Steve Adams are 2 cameramen working in the UK. Listen in as they chat about their kit, their work and the rest of the universe!

Where to start:

The results from the 2015 Extrashot Cameraman’s Survey are now in and we reveal what piece of kit most people are going to buy this year.  But, have our rates actually gone up enough to afford it? With the usual news, rants and dilemmas…. and the realisation that shooting 6TB of data in one day is probably too much… it’s a packed episode.

Phillip Lane, Sales Director from UK equipment supplier Top Teks, talks to us about their top selling kit, how the Sony FS7 is having an impact in the industry and the take up of the 4K upgrade to the Sony F5. Top news cameraman Paul Martin, the brains behind the fantastic UK Cameraman Blog, visits the shedit suite to talk about his 18 years recording some amazing stories and what impact it can have on those shooting the news.



iTunes description: Weekly film podcast/WBEZ radio show from Chicago featuring in-depth reviews, top 5 lists and interviews. Hosted by Adam Kempenaar and Josh Larsen.

Where to start:

‘Funny looking’ is a perfectly good way to describe, say, Steve Buscemi in FARGO – or countless other memorable characters that make up the Coen Bros. universe. With their latest, HAIL, CAESAR!, Josh and Adam consider the whole funny looking bunch and force themselves to pick their Top 5 Coen Bros. Characters. Plus, a review of HAIL, CAESAR!, Massacre Theatre and more!

​Don’t tell their wives, but after taping this show, Josh and Adam split a bottle of Jack Daniels and got ink for all of the picks that made this week’s Top 5: Movie Tattoos (That We’d Get). Plus, Larsen Recommends THE DOUBLE starring Jesse Eisenberg and critic David Ehrlich phones in to rave about GODZILLA.

Chock full of van-perbole, indecipherable rants, and a lot of Adam crying, the lads count down their Top 20 Films of the Decade.


What’s your favorite industry podcast? Tell us below!​

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