How Well Do You Know Production?

Production Manager - Problem Solver

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David Coone got hired on SMU as a Videographer for Bellum Entertainment.
"In my opinion, Staff Me Up is currently the best job site for professional video production jobs. Before Staff Me Up I frequently used Craigslist to my frustration and dismay, which was always a mixed bag of never knowing who is or isn't legitimate. Using this site has helped me shoot on numerous ne ...MORE..."
Jennifer Black got hired on SMU as a Production Assistant.
"Staff Me Up is the number one site I rely on for legit jobs in the entertainment field. In a short time I went from production assistant to field producer. Thank you for creating this site. This site has been instrumental in me building a career in a field that I absolutely love working in"
Shane Collins got hired on SMU as a Camera Operator.
"Staff Me Up has always worked well for me! As a DP and Camera Operator I’ve booked everything from national commercials and full seasons of TV to smaller corporate work and day player jobs through the site. Every job has paid well and the connections I’ve made can’t be beat."