How Well Do You Know Production?

Production Manager - Problem Solver

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Bryan Kweskin got hired on SMU as a Sound Mixer for Megalomedia.
"I got an email notification about a shoot that a production company had just posted. It looked like what I'm going after so I sent in my profile and cover letter. Within an hour I picked up 3 days of work at full rate. Staff Me Up makes it easy!!!"
Mike Hurst got hired on SMU as a Sound Mixer.
"I have ratcheted my career up to the next level with Staff Me Up. In the year that I've been on this site, I've increased my business by about 325%. It has done wonders."
Moni Pradier got hired on SMU as a Hair/Makeup Combo for Wilma TV for 4 month gig.
"Staff Me Up helped me to find a great production gig in my city. I'm grateful for the platform your site provides for artists like myself to become more visible in the production industry. Many thanks!"