How Well Do You Know Production?

Production Manager - Problem Solver

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Mike Hurst got hired on SMU as a Sound Mixer.
"I have ratcheted my career up to the next level with Staff Me Up. In the year that I've been on this site, I've increased my business by about 325%. It has done wonders."
Ryan Baustian got hired on SMU as a Grip for a 2 day gig.
"I have been using Staff Me Up since 2013. Staff Me Up has been the best tool for my freelance career. I have found that the production companies that use SMU are always top notch, professional and have fair rates. So much better than the nightmare jobs I have got from the crew section on "c-list" ...MORE..."
Edward Chick got hired on SMU as a Sound Mixer for Big Ten Network.
"Staff Me Up works. I applied for a Location Sound Recordist job with Big Ten Network and was employed within 24 hours. They paid my rate and were good people to work for.
I highly recommend trying Staff Me Up for your freelance employment endeavors."