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There's no better way to reach the people who work in television, film, and new media production than by advertising on Launched in 2003 as Realitystaff, our goal is to help employers find more qualified employees faster. We are a daily destination for tens of thousands of people who work in production, including all major production companies and networks. We post more than 500 jobs per week, and at the same time that these job posters are using Staff Me Up to staff up their productions, they're also smack in the middle of making all of their budgetary decisions: purchases, rentals, travel bookings, etc. So this is the perfect time to advertise to them.

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Select from the advertising opportunities below. Site display banners are available on a CPM (cost per thousand) or flat-rate basis. We require a minimum purchase of 1 month, with discounts for multiple months. Contact us for custom opportunities.

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