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Starts Nov 01

For 5 Day(s)

  • Rate: Low Budget ($500.00 per day for a 5 hour day). Note that this is below minimum industry rate.
  • Job Requirements: This is a remote job.

Looking for an animator to create a music video for a song that is 3 min 21 seconds. Will share the song upon request. Budget is $2,500 USD. Below is the concept for animation:

We start off on a desolate, concrete and stone “planet”, devoid of life. The only living creature in this world is Michael. We see Michael’s tears run down their face, to the ground, triggering nature to grow. From the first tiny sprout to the tall, pre-historic leaves. As the nature grows around Michael, we watch as a psychedelic world of existence surrounds and engulfs Michael. Thousands of years of natural history. We watch entire trees (and then forests!) sprout, live, grow, decay, and die. Giant Flowers smile from the sky as butterflies and birds invite Michael to stare into the sun. Michael looks up at the sun and we zoom out to see that Michael and the entire world we have been in are but a snow globe that another, larger, Alien Michael has been playing with. Alien Michael sets down the snowglobe ritually and moves into their own forest to to sit to meditate. We watch as Alien Michael grows old as they sit, turning grey and eventually fading into dust as mushrooms and fungus abosorb them into the surroundings.

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