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Archival Producer (Clearance)




Starts Jan 03

For 25 Week(s)

  • Job Requirements: This is a remote job.

We are looking for Archival and Clearance Producers (freelance) for some upcoming shows (most of them starting in January 2022).

We are looking for someone who has the following:
-Archival research experience
-Clearance and Fair Use knowledge and experience
-Can handle a fast-paced show (sometimes with multiple episodes at a time)
- Knows Google Drive and Excel
- Understands Archival and Clearance Deliverables and licensing
-Experience with Filemaker, Airtable, Avid, and MediaShuttle not required but definitely a bonus!
- Must be able to do from Archival research and pulls through mastering, purchasing, licensing and clearance for legal and network deliverables.

Some projects include knowledge of Music licensing (or at least a background in music video/music industry projects), civil rights, cooking and competition shows, as well as true crime. So we are really looking for a diverse group of skilled candidates. If you have experience with any of this, please make sure to mention it.

A great attitude and team-oriented work style mixed with the ability to take charge and get the job done are needed for this job.

Rates TBD - based on show budget and experience.

All roles are currently remote.

  • Quick pitch: how do these credits show that you are right for the job?

Promote your application and stand out from the crowd!

  • Upload New Resume (PDF or Word Doc ONLY)