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Assistant Camera (AC) (Sony FX9, Sony FS7, a7s, DJI Mavic Pro, GoPro)

Los Angeles, CA



Starts Feb 07

For 3 Month(s)

  • Job Requirements: Must be local to location (or willing to work as a local).

I am a Los Angeles based DP looking for 1-2 Los Angeles based ACs for work on a travel docu-style show for a cable network/streaming service. The show will begin shooting ~February 2022 around the US. A typical shoot week will travel on a Sunday/Monday and return to Los Angeles on a Friday/Saturday. Schedule TBD but likely week on / week off (2 weeks working a month).

Ideal candidate has experience traveling with equipment, building cameras to shoot, breaking down to travel. Travel is a major component of the job. There will be extra hands to help move (20+ cases and personal luggage) but the AC needs to be organized and in charge of the process... gear packed safely and efficiently, accurate baggage count, etc. Gear will live in Los Angeles.

While shooting AC will be in charge of batteries, media, cleaning cameras, prepping gear for B-Roll, and backing up media. We work in a fast-paced environment as this is docu-style filming so we can't stop down to adjust cameras or we will miss the moment. There are always opportunities for the AC to pick up an extra camera and help with coverage... sometimes this is necessary. Ideal candidate has some camera operator experience and wants to develop as a shooter in reality based / docu-style world.

Media management is the final component. There is often time to dump footage during the day but sometimes this needs to be completed back at the hotel.

Our typical filming setup is 3 main cameras for coverage and specialty cameras (GoPro, Drone, Mirrorless Stabilizer) and equipment (tripod/dolly) for B-Roll.

Please send list of work experience and any example of film work. We are looking to travel with 1-2 ACs. It is a busy job but there should be some rewarding experiences as well. Must work well with small crew in a fast paced environment.

Good attitude an absolute must.

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