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Camera Operator (BlackMagic Cinema, Sony A7 S2, Sony A7 S3)

Los Angeles, CA
Live/Special Event
Starts May 30
For 1 Day(s)
  • Rate: Low Budget ($350.00 per day for a 10 hour day)
  • Job Requirements: Must be local to location or willing to work as a local.

Looking for a competent Camera Operator to capture high quality and attractive
footage with a Black Magic Pocket 6K Camera, Sony A7 S2, or Sony A7 S3. We are
looking for individuals who are comfortable around expensive and delicate
equipment as well as able to concentrate and attend to detail in a fast paced and
high energy environment.

Job Requirements:
Prepare cameras and test angles or camera movements
-Capture quality footage from several moving positions and angles
-Resolve technical or practical issues
-Edit footage as needed

Proven experience as camera operator
Knowledge and experience operating relevant equipment (cameras, lenses,
monitors, lighting etc.)
Ability to think and act quickly with extreme flexibility.
Effective Communication

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