Apply to this Director of Photography (DP) Job


Director of Photography (DP)

Oklahoma City, OK

Film (Short)

Starts Jul 10

For 2 Week(s)

  • Rate: Low Budget ($200.00 per day for a 8 hour day). Note that this is below minimum industry rate.
  • Job Requirements: On-location production (all travel costs covered).

Looking for an upcoming DP/camera operator with chops to prove.

I know this line, you know this line… it makes some people cringe but those people are established veterans like me, who get tired of being hit up for free or low budget work.

But the truth is we all did it when we got started. You basically have to. You have to get experience, make connections and build a beautiful reel to showcase your talents.

It’s not so important if you want to be a grip or an electrician but if you desire to craft cinematic images you have to prove yourself first. Perhaps this is an opportunity for you, that would be a good fit for us.

Us: A well-known rock guitar legend and an experienced doc producer desire to make a significant documentary. It will concern an important topic regarding the abusive history of Native American children. If this type of thing floats your boat, read on…

We don’t want to make this under anyone’s watch, with deadlines or editorial comments. We feel strongly about the subject and know how to make this move in an outside the box manner, creative, musical, historical, and hitting hard with emotion.

We’ve got some important elements in place and we are early in pre-production. This will require all of us to travel to reservations, government buildings, etc. To uncover proof positive of detestable facts and interview important people who are attempting to make a difference.

If you are interested please let us know!

  • Quick pitch: how do these credits show that you are right for the job?

Promote your application and stand out from the crowd!

  • Upload New Resume (PDF or Word Doc ONLY)