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Los Angeles, CA

Film (Feature-length)

Starts Jun 15

Full Time

  • Pay Rate: $200.00 / Daily Note that this is below minimum industry rate.
  • Job Requirements: Must be local to location (or willing to work as a local).
  • Additional Requirements:
    • Have you edited a documentary by yourself?
    • Are you proficient at Adobe Premiere Pro?
    • Are you proficient at Adobe After Effects?
    • Are you proficient at Adobe Photoshop?
    • Do you have links to your documentary work?

Please read this entire post. We will get a huge response and so if you want to be considered, then please give me what I have requested. If not, then your response will be deleted since we'll get what we are requesting from so many others.

I'm looking for your best daily rate for 5 - 6 days per week until we're finished.

I am looking for an experienced documentary editor for a project I'm producing. I want someone that is creative for this project, that really understands storytelling, and someone that can create everything needed including photoshop and after effects elements.

I am looking for someone that is easy to work with, flexible, and very creative. You will be working with the director on this edit, and we want someone that has a lot of creativity. This documentary is about an internationally known artist and the making of his hit song and music video. Please include a cover letter as to why you think you're the right person for this job.

You must use Adobe Premiere Pro for the edit.

We're located in Los Angeles, CA and we'd like to find someone local. But we are open to someone doing the job remotely as well.

If you are an experienced editor that has edited full length feature documentaries, then please send me links so that I can see your documentary work where you did the entire edit yourself. If you don't have this, then please don't apply.

Again, I am looking for a professional that has a lot of experience. This job will last for a few months. Please give me your best daily rate for this job.

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