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Editor (Premiere)

Studio City, CA
Starts May 01
For 6 Month(s)
  • Job Requirements: Must be local to location or willing to work as a local.

We are Sawhorse Productions, a production and post house in Hollywood, CA. We are looking for enthusiastic, full-time and freelance editors to join our growing team.

We are a full-service creative studio. Our family of in-house creators, directors, producers and editors work together seamlessly to create innovative and disruptive multi-platform content. Whether we are developing an original series, producing a live stream, or working on branded campaigns, we're always looking to crack the creative code to make something amazing. We believe in the spirit of collaboration and love working together to find the best solutions to take our work to the next level.

We are looking for an editor who loves to edit and loves the post production process. This job requires talent, patience, creativity and the ability to edit a wide range of genres (scripted, documentary, commercial, sizzles, music videos, fashion and everything in between). We need someone who can offer creative solutions and who is not afraid to get their hands dirty to make an edit really shine.

At Sawhorse, you won't be working on the same thing every month. Whether it's a fashion film, comedy short, broadcast spot, or an event sizzle, we work on a variety of projects and need an extremely well-versed editor who enjoys jumping from project to project, often juggling multiple projects at once. We understand that many editors want to work in one particular genre of film or video, if that's the case, this isn't the post house for you. But if you're interested in getting to exercise all your editorial muscles, work on a variety of projects, face new creative challenges daily and get a little weird in the process, this is definitely the place for you.


- Must be proficient in Adobe Premiere. (Photoshop, After effects, AVID, ProTools and DaVinci knowledge is a huge plus.)

- Strong music sensibilities. All our editors should be able to cut music seamlessly, create sound effects bed to add pace, energy and emotion into each video, and be able to properly mix an edit so all our offline edits are almost perfect. Depending on the project we'll do final sound and color in the editing software, which means that in addition to being an amazing editor, a great eye for color and an ear for sound are essential.

- The ideal candidate is well-versed in many different styles of editing. You'd be working on many different projects here and will be required to have knowledge of how to jump in and cut with confidence. The work has a wide and diverse range and we need someone who has the creativity to do it all.

- It's all about the project. In addition to our assistant editors and fellow editors, you will be working directly with directors, producers, post supervisors and finishers and need to be able to fully communicate your thoughts and ideas. Also, you must be able to collaborate and bounce ideas off others. We believe in a very collaborative environment in which you can lean over to your neighbor and ask, "Hey, what do you think of this edit?" or "What do you think is missing from this?" Not only do we believe this is a healthy practice, but we believe it builds a strong bond between our staff and elevates the work. We want to work with someone who is not afraid to take some constructive criticism, pass a project around to get a fresh perspective and offer new ideas to elevate someone else's project.

- We need someone who offers us creative solutions. If a cut isn't working or client changes their minds 100 times, we need someone who can respond well to those notes and be able to reinvent the wheel without getting burned out or irritated.

- All applicants must have relevant work experience (3+ years in the industry), 3 references, and a portfolio of work to support the needs of the position. *When applying, please reply with 3 relevant links with your strongest and most diverse work.*

- For full time positions - all candidates will be hired for a trial period to ensure they can handle the workflow and creative process and expectations. We like to grow with people and create long lasting creative relationships and the ideal candidate is looking to grow with us as well.

- There will be long hours. As we all know its not ideal, but from time to time, we have to put in long hours to hit certain deadlines, and we need someone who is down to put in the time and make something great regardless of the timing. There will also be weekend work from time to time. It's not all the time, but we need someone who is also willing and able to work on certain weekends, bing the creative noise, and take the project to the finish line.

This is a great opportunity to join and grow with a strong, fun company who is excited and passionate about editing and the creative process. We're excited to meet likeminded editors to add to the Sawhorse family. Looking forward to meeting you.


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