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Apply to this First Assistant Director Job


Film (Feature-length)

Starts Dec 13

For 7 Week(s)

  • Title: RUN
  • Job Requirements: Must be local to location (or willing to work as a local).
  • Additional Requirements:
    • Previous Union Theatrical 1st AD Credits? Action Credits?

Crazy Legs Features is looking for 1st AD options for their upcoming film production: RUN

- Photography Dates: Jan. 5th - Feb. 4th- Filming in Atlanta, GA

- SAG Basic, IATSE Tier II, Non-DGA

- Rate Negiotiable, looking for local hire but housing also negotiable for the right candidate

Synopsis: RUN is a heart-pounding action thriller about Anna, an easily stressed surgeon and wife of a CIA analyst, who suddenly gets thrown into the world of espionage after assassins come to kill her family once her husband makes an Earth-shattering discovery. After barely escaping the attempts on her and her son’s life, she’s straddled with a terrifying choice: Go back and face the cold-blooded world of killer spies and corrupt government officials to save her kidnapped husband or do what her husband begged her to do: drop off the face of the Earth and just “RUN.” Deciding to face her fears to protect her family, Anna turns back and uses her medical knowledge as well as her husband’s espionage training to fight the odds, overcome her anxieties and save her husband…or die trying.
Filled to the brim with action, intrigue and betrayal, RUN is a thriller in every sense of the word and will have you questioning who you can trust at every turn.

  • Quick pitch: how do these credits show that you are right for the job?

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  • Your home location is more than 80 miles away from this job. Can you work as a local?* (What does this mean?)

  • Previous Union Theatrical 1st AD Credits? Action Credits?*