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Jib Operator

Arlington, TX


Live/Special Event

Starts Feb 12

For 1 Day(s)

  • Title: 2022 Bout in the Ballpark
  • Rate: Low Budget ($1500.00 per day for a 12 hour day).
  • Job Requirements: Must be local to location (or willing to work as a local).

JIB Operators are responsible for setting up and operating all cranes on film productions. This can involve working with a variety of equipment, ranging from a small jib arm, used to make slight camera movements up and down, to a massive 90-foot long crane for shooting huge crowds or action sequences.

JIB Operators check over all the equipment on the day before the crane is required. On shooting days they drive the vehicle carrying the crane to the studio or location. Working closely with the grip, they assemble the crane and standby for any shots that require the camera to be elevated. This could involve a riding crane, which carries the camera operator and 1st assistant camera, or a pan-and-tilt head, which allows the camera to be operated by remote control and which can be elevated much higher. At the end of each working day, Crane Operators must make the crane safe for the next day, or if the crane is no longer required, de-rig it.

Operators will be supplied with the following:

JVC GY-HM600 ProHD Cameras
JVC Power Adaptor (Two Prong)
Zoom Controller
Extended LANC Cable - 30ft in length
Communication Devices (ClearComm or similar)

Jib operator is responsible for tear down and load-out of equipment after broadcast. Must have reliable transportation.

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