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Location Scout

New York, NY


Starts Nov 10

For 4 Day(s)

  • Job Requirements: Must be local to location (or willing to work as a local).

Branded content agency is seeking an experienced Location Scout for a 2-day shoot in NYC. Tentative start date is Wednesday, November 10th. 4-5 working days with the final shoot location(s) needing to be locked in by Monday, November 22nd. Shoot dates TBD first or second week of December.

The Location Scout will work closely with the Producer and Production Manager to ensure client and creative expectations are all met and that all prospective locations are within budget and on 1st or 2nd holds. Location Scout will need to create and manage a detailed spreadsheet of location options that can be shared with production team along with daily status updates.

Applicants should be adept at sourcing new location options while also coming in with a healthy rolodex of go-to places, including but not limited to private residences & businesses, cyc studios, holding areas, etc.

To be considered, please be prepared to offer at least 2 professional recommendations, preferably from Producers at commercial production companies or similar.

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