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Post Production Supervisor

Los Angeles, CA

Disney Channel


Starts Nov 01

For 1 Month(s)

  • Job Requirements: Must be local to location or willing to work as a local.
  • Additional Requirements:
    • Have you Post Supervised a reality show with super tight turnaround?

Post Supervisor will oversee the post process from ingest to delivery including hiring and managing both in-house and remote freelance post positions. This is a very demanding post schedule and we are looking for someone with expierence with tight-turnaround reality competition shows (ideally.)

Job is in-house (hollywood), non-union and pays $2500/week. We are looking for someone very detail oriented with excellent communication and record keeping/ documentation skills.

Project is fairly straight forward reality competition special (44minutes) delivering in HD. All post is in-house except for mix.

We look forward to working with you!
Thank you

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  • Have you Post Supervised a reality show with super tight turnaround?*