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Starts May 20

For 6 Month(s)

  • Pay Rate: $0.00 - $3,000.00 / Weekly
  • Job Requirements: Must be local to location (or willing to work as a local).

Looking for a Post Production Supervisor for an established competition series - Avid, 9 cameras, digital and remote workflow.

Key Responsibilities

Project Management:
• Collaborate with the Producer team to align on post-production deliverables and deadlines.
• Lias with Executives and Network to execute post-production schedule and resource allocation plan
• Coordinate with various departments to ensure seamless workflow and timely delivery of project components.
• Monitor project progress, identify potential issues or delays, and implement solutions to keep projects on track.

Team Management:
• Supervise AEs and overall project maintenance/delivery schedule
• Assign tasks, set priorities, and provide guidance to team members to ensure efficient and high-quality work.
• Foster a positive and collaborative work environment, promoting effective communication and teamwork among the post-production team.
• Coordinate with external vendors through post and online

Quality Control:
• Ensure the technical and creative quality of all post-production deliverables, including video/audio quality, color, visual effects, and overall aesthetic consistency.
• Review and provide feedback on graphics, visual effects, and other elements to ensure alignment with project goals.
• Implement quality control processes that confirm video quality prior to being sent to client for review.

Communication and Collaboration:
• Serve as a primary point of contact for all post-production-related inquiries and updates.
• Communicate project status, progress, and any potential issues to executives, prod co and network in a clear and timely manner.

Position can be performed remotely

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