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Production Assistant

Virginia Beach, VA


Live/Special Event

Starts Jul 06

For 9 Day(s)

  • Title: National Club Field Hockey Championship 2022
  • Job Requirements: Must be local to location (or willing to work as a local).

Looking for a freelancer with production experience to assist in live streaming the National Club Field Hockey Championships on July 6th-14th in Virginia Beach. Live streaming equipment will be shipped to you and you will be responsible for transporting equipment to and from the event site. Also, responsible for capturing b-roll video for promotional materials.

Who: Freelance production assistant
What: Field Hockey tournament
When: July 6th-14th
Where: Virginia beach, Virginia
Why: $200 per day

- Receive shipment of live streaming equipment.
- Transport equipment to athletic facility.
- Set up streaming equipment in conjunction with camera operators onsite.
- Record and live stream athletic play.
- Monitor power, storage, and broadcast health.
- Protect equipment from weather and elements.
- Deliver raw video content.
- Ship equipment back (if applicable).

- Capable of all day, outdoor activity.
- Must have transportation to athletic facility.
- Must have vehicle to transport equipment.
- Experience with sports videography.

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