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Production Manager (Theater Manager)

Los Angeles, CA

Live/Special Event

Starts Oct 25

For 2 Week(s)

  • Rate: Low Budget ($200.00 per day for a 12 hour day).
  • Job Requirements: Must be local to location or willing to work as a local.

Theater Manager for COLCOA Film Festival 2021 starting October 25th, 2021 and ending November 7th 2021.
Services include:
Before the festival October 25th – October 30th, Part Time – Location: Remote:
- Organize volunteers (they will already be recruited) to make sure all shifts/ screenings are covered at DGA for the week of the festival Nov 1 – Nov 7 2021
- Attend volunteers orientation on October 30th at the Directors Guild of America
During the festival November 1 – November 7th, Full Time – Location: DGA Los Angeles:
- Oversee Theater 1 and Theater 2 during the festival, make announcements to audience when necessary.
- Oversee and organize around 30 volunteers to make sure:
o Lines to the theaters and to the VIP lounge are controlled and smooth going.
o Flow between VIP lounge and theaters is
o Proper amount of VIP seats in theaters are blocked off for each screening, this is especially important for Opening Night on November 1st
- Create and maintain volunteer schedule; tracking volunteer hours.
- Maintain effective communication with all volunteers via email, phone, and social networking sites
- Enforce sanitary requirements TBD with volunteers and audience.

Fee: The theater Manager will be compensated at a flat rate of $2,000.00.

Prior experience in theater management preferred but not indispensable if candidate has strong communication and organizational skills.
We will consider all applicants who are vaccinated against Covid

If interested, please answer to this post and explain why you are the right fit (and attach resume with references).

- Communication skills essential
- Excellent organizational skills
- Teamwork
- Attention to detail
- Creative problem-solving
- Work well under pressure and is able to gently and politely – and firmly - push back on unreasonable requests

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