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Production Manager

New York, NY


Starts Oct 29

Full Time

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CAI (Cicatelli Associates Inc.) is seeking a highly skilled and motivated individual for the full-time position of Video Production Manager. The Video Production Manager will work closely with a video production team (CAI’s video production and editing assistant, project teams, communications team, curriculum team, IT team, as well as external consultants) to manage and coordinate all activities associated with the production of live videos. The videos will be used in trainings across all projects at CAI. This position is focused on project management and coordination, requiring strong project management skills and attention to detail. Knowledge and experience in video production and video editing is not a requirement (although it would be an asset). This is a NYC-based position.


Work with CAI staff to manage all activities associated with the production of live videos, including: 

Maintaining ongoing oversight of the video development process, ensuring all components of video development (e.g. script development, selecting actors, securing filming locations, developing slides/graphics, day-of-filming logistics, editing/post-production, etc.) follow CAI’s process and go through the appropriate staff for approval

Coordinating, preparing, and managing video production meetings, including initial and regular follow-up meetings to discuss video development details (e.g. planning, next steps, roles/responsibilities, timelines)

Communicating with CAI staff, actors, voiceover artists, filming location contacts, and consultants regarding all video production activities to ensure that everyone on the team is informed on the status of different components/products related to the video

Working with project teams to provide leadership and guidance on selecting actors, voiceover artists, and filming locations

Providing support, coordination, and management of all video production logistics and activities on the day-of-filming, including set direction (creative vision/art direction), as well as the set up and break down of set and equipment  

Conduct quality assurance of all products/components of video production including quality assurance of scripts, actors, voiceovers, graphics, editing/post-production elements, and the videos

Compile feedback from other team members on the scripts, actors, graphics, voiceovers, editing/post-production and videos and submit to the appropriate individual to implement the feedback, then conducting quality assurance to ensure that feedback was integrated appropriately

Monitoring and tracking past and current consultants, actors, voiceover artists, filming locations, etc. used, as well as costs associated with video development production to provide to project teams and for proposal-writing activities

Tracking and processing video production invoices, ensuring that actors, voiceover artists, consultants, and other vendors associated with the film development submit their invoices on time and get processed

Supporting CAI staff with the development of other videos that may be required (e.g. pre-recorded Zoom video to be shown during a training)

Other duties as assigned.

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