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Senior Producer

Redlands, CA


Starts Dec 31

Full Time

  • Job Requirements: Must be local to location (or willing to work as a local).

We are looking for an experienced video storyteller who can create compelling films about one of the most significant trends of our time--the emergence of a new science: The Science of Where.

You will join a growing team of highly experienced, award-winning creatives to help implement a new strategy for Esri--to use the power of visual storytelling not only to dramatically increase brand awareness, but to show how the power of geography, mapping, and Esri technology can address the great challenges of our time. These stories will involve mitigating climate change, managing refugee crises, building smarter cities, responding to natural disasters, and helping businesses run more sustainably.

Write, direct, and produce videos on a broad range of geography-themed content that educate, inform, and inspire, guiding projects from conception to post-production
Lead creative and editorial direction under the guidance of executive producers and deliver to schedule and on budget
Create videos in a variety of formats such as short form story-driven documentary, branded content, advertising spots, sizzle videos for major events, and promos and content for large, strategically well-planned social media campaigns
Produce projects that are partially hands on, supplemented by freelancers, as well as projects that are primarily outsourced to external production companies
Liaise with other departments in numerous contexts as production demands, including working with stakeholders on project definition and research, working with other creative departments such as graphics and design, working with web and social teams when applicable on distribution, and working with events teams

All candidates must provide samples of videos they’ve produced in addition to a resume and pertinent writing sample.
7+ years of experience as a full producer managing and directing projects across the spectrum of creative delivery, including conceptualization, scripting, pre-production, production, and post-production (must include substantive short form, non-fiction production experience)
Demonstrated talent in at least two of the following: branded content, documentary, nonfiction television, advertising
Experience commissioning talent, including production crews and post-production teams
Experience overseeing both freelancers and production companies on productions with budgets of a minimum of $100K
Strong conceptualization, research, and writing ability necessary to craft compelling short stories about complex material with the ability to make complex subject matter accessible and engaging for lay audiences
Experience producing in various field locations
Availability for field production and occasional travel
Bachelor’s degree; specific education in film craft is a plus
Working knowledge of Adobe Premiere
Recommended Qualifications
Familiarity with the Southern California production environment, especially as it relates to production companies and other production resources
Video editing talent
Experience working with motion graphics designers and a familiarity with motion graphics disciplines such as character animation, motion typography, and compositing
Experience producing scientific and technology-themed content for general audiences
Experience producing for broadcast distribution as well as for non-broadcast distribution (web, social, PR, etc.)
Studio-based production experience

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