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Story Producer

Atlanta, GA

Investigation Discovery


Starts Feb 07

For 5 Month(s)

  • Job Requirements: Must be local to location (or willing to work as a local).

Needed for 6-episode established true crime series. This is Atlanta-based, preference
given to producers who can work as a local. This documentary-style, interview-based show with subtle,
cinematic recreations is in its 5th season - but it's not formulaic. This is one you can have fun with as long
as you stay in the basic format. You'll be responsible for 3 episodes from research phase through
recreation shoots.

This is a great position for producers who like to own their stories and Do All The
Things. You'll write pitches and treatments, conduct interviews and keep track of story during
recreations shoots. Most important in this position is a good interviewer--you have that good listening
ear who can tell when you've got the bite you need or if you need to keep trying, and you know how to
pull emotion or reaction out of even the most deadpan cop. Need someone who is comfortable working
on set in recreations letting directors see their creative vision, but knowing when to step in if the story
requires a shift from that vision. Recreations are shot in Atlanta, interviews are shot in Atlanta or on
location. Bonus points if you can do string outs in Avid.

  • Quick pitch: how do these credits show that you are right for the job?

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