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Hanover, NH


Live/Special Event

Starts Jan 26

For 1 Day(s)

  • Rate: Low Budget ($350.00 per day for a 2 hour day).
  • Job Requirements: Must be local to location (or willing to work as a local).

Rate: $350 for c. 2.5 hours

We are looking for an experienced videographer with experience of using their 4K camera as a webcam and local recording capabilities to film our Fellows on location in their home or office environment in Hanover, New Hampshire.

Your responsibilities would be:

Attend the Talent's home or office and set up a filming environment in line with Spec Sheet requirements (clean background with minimal clutter)

Run technical checks with The Garden' production team prior to go-live. This is a live-streamed talk and there is no possibility for reshoots so we need to make sure the equipment set up and syncing properly

Set up your camera to act as a webcam with The Garden's platform for the live Talk and record the Talk locally, with great lighting and audio

Make the Talent feel comfortable with the setup and the recording experience. These are not individuals who regularly speak to the camera so keeping them calm and supporting them during prep

No post-production editing is required; the recording should be uploaded to a dropbox and shared with us after the filming session.

Expected time requirements: Depending on your time to travel to the venue we expect this to take 1.5 hour set up & prep, 45 minutes live Talk, 15-30 minute breakdown and wrap up.

26th January 2022

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